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Alexandra Levich

Product Lead, Google

How to run product experiments to grow products

“To be honest: if you didn’t fail, you probably didn’t aim high enough. In my life and career, I have learnt a lot more from failures than successes. Remember you need to understand why something failed – or did not”

Tweetable Summary:

In order to build successful products, you need to experiment first. Product experiments will prevent you from building products that nobody wants. The 3-step framework ‘Think Big-Start Small-Fail Fast’ will help you do them fast, and learn from both your failures and successes.

Wes Bush

Founder, Product Led Institute

Deb Dutta

Product Lead, PayPal

Sebastien Gendreau

Senior Product Manager, AgoraPulse

Carlos González de Villaumbrosia

Founder and CEO, Product School

Andrew Michael

Business Intelligence Manager, Hotjar

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