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Product Owner vs. Product Manager: Differences, Role, Duties & Why You Need Both
January 21, 2021

Drawing a clear line between a product owner vs. product manager can be tough, given their varying roles from company to company. Factors such as the adoption of Scrum, size of the company, the structure of departments, and others also come into play. Despite any difference in roles, both the product manager and the product owner share a common goal: building products that create value for the stakeholders. Although there are differences in the...

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Product Management
Women in Product, Women in SaaS - Stories from 9 Inspiring Female Influencers in Tech
March 6, 2020

As a team supporting diversity and women in tech - we decided to use the International Women's Day as an opportunity to showcase some of the best talent in the industry - and interviewed the top female Product Managers, Product Owners and SaaS founders and CEOs. For one - to inspire other women to take up this profession, and celebrate the amazing women who have succeeded in this demanding role despite the odds - often juggling the fast-paced...

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