Improve Product Adoption with Contextual In-App Experiences

Help users discover more value at every stage of the product journey with personalized in-app experiences.

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Highlight the right features at the right time

Build timely product experiences that help users discover relevant features based on persona, use case, or in-app behavior. Help users develop good habits that drive both usage and stickiness.

Announce new product changes & promote feature self-Discovery

Keep users in the loop with the latest announcements, product updates, and UX changes. Empower users to self-discover features at their own pace with subtle tooltips and hotspots

Measure feature engagement over time and by segment

See which features are most used among different segments and make better decisions to improve product adoption.

Experiment to understand what leads to higher feature adoption

Uncover which segments of users are more likely to adopt a certain feature and under which conditions. A/B test various in-app experiences to drive higher feature adoption.

"Userpilot is the undeniable leader of its industry.

We have been looking for a platform that could handle our dynamic application. Competitors of Userpilot usually don't have the "driven action" which makes it impossible to use in our case."

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Kommunicate improved their Feature Adoption rate by +37.5% in 7 months, leading + 3% in expansion MRR

“When we first launched our onboarding experiments in Userpilot – the percentage of signup-to-chatbot-integration was lingering on 40-45%; after about 7 months it’s at 55-60% now.“

  • 37.5% - increase in feature adoption rate

  • 3% - increase in expansion revenue

  • Security Standards at Userpilot

    As a vendor that processes millions of data points on a daily basis, we take our customers and their users’ data very seriously.

    Our data is fully encrypted, managed, and stored by SOC-compliant vendors such as Amazon AWS and Google Cloud.