Reduce Time to Value with Personalized User Onboarding Experiences

Delight new users with a personalized onboarding experience and guide them to product success quicker.

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Personalize your onboarding experience at scale code-free

Create product tours and in-app guides with our WYSIWYG builder, and customize them to fit your brand – no CSS required!

Simplify your product interface with subtle hints & tips

Improve the user experience by highlighting hidden features and clarifying less intuitive elements of the interface through soft highlights and built-in tooltips.

Boost new user activation with onboarding checklists

Pave the path to activation for new signups with a clear to-do onboarding checklist. Drive adoption by highlighting each step of the onboarding journey.

Increase trial conversions & improve new user retention

Help new signups get value faster by offering personalized onboarding and in-app guidance. Highlight key benefits and educate new users on how to effectively use your product.

"Easy to DIY, Plenty of onboarding and PLG experts in the team. Rich features with simple UX."

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The Room increased new user activation rate by 75% in 10 days of implementing Userpilot’s interactive walkthroughs

“The number of CV uploads went up from 200-210 to 300-350 CV uploads per week after using Userpilot for 10 days.”

Security Standards at Userpilot

As a vendor that processes millions of data points on a daily basis, we take our customers and their users’ data very seriously.

Our data is fully encrypted, managed, and stored by SOC-compliant vendors such as Amazon AWS and Google Cloud.