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Reduce Time to Value with a Personalized User Onboarding Experience

Help new customers get up and running faster with a personalized user onboarding experience. Learn more today.

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Tailor Experiences Based On User Persona

Adjust the flow of the onboarding experience based on user-persona to maximize engagement. Segment new users based on persona and in-app behavior to provide the most relevant, bespoke product experience.

Help Users Get Acquainted With Your UI With Subtle Hints & Tips

Help first-time users get to know their way around your product with contextual hints & tips. Provide on-demand assistance as users navigate through the app and improve feature discoverability.

Track Success And Iterate To Optimize Experiences

Reduce time to value for new signups by drawing their attention to actions that correlate with a higher chance of success. Help users quickly realize the value of the product and increase their motivation to complete the activation process.

Track Goal Completion and Iterate on the Onboarding Experience to Optimize for User Activation

Identify & track goal achievement to measure the overall success of your onboarding experience. Monitor goal completion over time and iterate on each step to optimize for user activation.

Increase Activation Through Onboarding Checklists

Pave the path to activation for new signups with a clear to-do onboarding checklist. Drive adoption by highlighting each step of the onboarding journey.

Example Case Studies


How drives product adoption without a sales team


How Kontentino Increased New User Activation by 10%

How GrowthMentor Drastically Reduced Their Support Tickets by 83%


How Userpilot Enabled Troi to Automate their Software Demos & Saved Development Cost Cost

Userpilot was able to increase 1 and 2nd run, as well as well 1 week retention. We've seen 10% more engagement from the users. We're able to help our existing users adopt more features.

Natália Kimličková - Product Marketing Manager

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