[CASE STUDY] How The Room increased new User Activation by 75% within 10 days of implementing Userpilot

[CASE STUDY] How The Room increased new User Activation by 75% within 10 days of implementing Userpilot cover

The Room is a company with a mission. The platform has been funded by the Microsoft Foundation to create 3 million work placements for young tech workers from Africa over the next 10 years.

The startup is building a community of elite talent from across Africa that has been rigorously vetted and trained to global standards, and helps connect talented workers with employers across the globe via their “Talent as a Service” platform.

Companies across the world can use The Room to hire top talent from Web Developers, Full Stack Software Engineers, through Data and Financial Analysts, to VAs.

But The Room had a problem holding it back from executing its important mission…

The Problem: the new members were not uploading their CVs

How could anyone hire the new talent if the community members weren’t uploading their CVs after signing up?

This problem really shows why reaching the key activation point by new users really matters.

So Arjoon Talukdar, Senior Product Manager at The Room, decided to find a way to solve this problem – and improve the CV upload rate.

He stumbled upon Userpilot, and decided to go with it to build in-app onboarding for The Room users, to push more of them to upload their CVs.

When asked why he went with Userpilot, Arjoon said:

“There were a few factors: one was how easy it was to build the flows, that was the primary reason. The other was whether we could build flows without engineering resources. I did some research and tried e.g. Appcues, but I found Userpilot the most user-friendly when building the flow. I could actually build the flows myslelf, without anybody’s help.”

The Solution: Userpilot onboarding flow with a Driven Action

After testing Userpilot, Arjoon decided to build the first onboarding flow. The purpose of the flow was to increase the new user activation rate – the number of CV uploads.

The flow used a “driven action” – a unique UI pattern pushing the users to learn by doing. The flow was set to keep triggering for any user that hasn’t clicked on the “upload CV” button.

The flow also provides guidance on filling in the “experience” section for the job candidates:

Uploading CV action is tracked by Userpilot with a feature tag (a code-free way of tracking the usage of different UI elements in-app).

The engagement analytics for the tagged feature are available on Userpilot’s dashboard:

The Result: 75% more CV uploads within 10 days of implementing Userpilot

“The number of CV uploads went up from 200-210 to 300-350 CV uploads per week after using Userpilot for 10 days.” – said Arjoon.

As you can see from the analytics panel below, the experience had an 88% engagement and a 7% completion rate.

Arjoon is planning to further improve the completion rate by implementing an onboarding checklist.

We’re happy that we could help The Room forward their vision.

If you’re interested in seeing how Userpilot can help you achieve similar results and improve your user activation rate, book a demo now!

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