How RecruitNow Saved 1,000+ Customer Training Hours With Userpilot

How RecruitNow Saved 1,000+ Customer Training Hours With Userpilot cover

RecruitNow is a Dutch Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that helps recruitment agencies manage all stages of the recruitment process.

The company has experienced remarkable growth over the last few years. This brought a whole host of new challenges. The main ones? Onboarding new customers and localizing its support resources for other markets.

To tackle them, RecruitNow turned to Userpilot and reduced face-to-face training time from hundreds of hours a month (and thousands annually) to just 4 hours a month.

Bouwe Metz, Senior Customer Success Manager & Team Lead Change at RecruitNow, shares how Userpilot helped him scale onboarding processes and create standardized training sessions.


  • Challenge: RecruitNow’s customer training became inefficient and unsustainable, especially after expanding into Germany and Austria, as they relied on face-to-face training. The company needed a scalable onboarding solution without increasing its customer success team size.
  • Solution: RecruitNow implemented Userpilot to create in-app onboarding flows with video tutorials and tooltips, supplemented by a resource center and automated localization. They also used it to conduct onboarding and customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Results: The application of Userpilot allowed RecruitNow to reduce face-to-face training time from hundreds of hours a month (and thousands annually) to just 4 hours a month. They were able to support rapid customer growth, ensure training consistency, and facilitate first-day user activation.
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Challenge: Scaling onboarding for a growing customer base

When RecruitNow had a handful of customers, their onboarding relied on face-to-face training sessions delivered by 2 staff members. The process wasn’t efficient because it consumed lots of resources – think about the travel and preparation time!

This stopped being feasible when the company merged with a German investor, and its customer base started growing to reach 220+ companies, many of which are based around Germany and Austria.

They needed a more sustainable approach that would enable them to onboard and support new customers in the new markets without expanding their customer success teams.

Solution: Investing in a user adoption tool

To address the new challenges they faced as a rapidly growing company, RecruitNow turned to Userpilot.

To facilitate new customer training, they designed in-app onboarding flows. They consist of video tutorials and walkthroughs to help users perform tasks like creating job adverts and matching candidates with job openings.

After completing the onboarding flow, users receive a credential for extra motivation.

RecruitNow onboarding flow
RecruitNow onboarding flow created in Userpilot.

What’s more, RecruitNow provides ongoing support through their resource center where users can access various tutorials and videos.

These resources are continually updated to accommodate their expanding user base in different regions. Userpilot’s automatic localization feature plays an important role in the process.

RecruitNow resource center
RecruitNow resource center created in Userpilot.

At the end of the onboarding process, RecruitNow asks users to complete a simple survey to rate their training experience. This feedback helps assess the effectiveness of their onboarding flow and make necessary improvements. They also analyze the performance of their onboarding process by monitoring a BI dashboard.

RecruitNow onboarding survey
RecruitNow onboarding survey created in Userpilot.

In addition to the onboarding surveys, RecruitNow uses Userpilot in-app surveys to collect user satisfaction data (CSAT). The surveys take place every 6 months and allow them to identify opportunities to improve the product.

And then we have user satisfaction surveys as well… They come every six months and ask them what they think about the system and where we could improve.
– Bouwe Metz, Senior Customer Success Manager & Team Lead Change

RecruitNow CSAT survey
RecruitNow CSAT survey created in Userpilot.

Results: 1,000+ hours saved in customer training

Despite implementing Userpilot flows, RecruitNow hasn’t resigned from live training sessions. It still offers 2-hour training events every 2 weeks. This gives users the chance to follow up on any questions they may have after completing their onboarding.

But that’s only 4 hours a month. Not hundreds monthly (and thousands yearly) that would’ve been necessary to onboard new customers the old way.

We really scaled down the training… We do live training two times a month, for 2 hours. So down to 4 hours. And before, we had two colleagues doing like I don’t know how many trainings a day.
– Bouwe Metz, Senior Customer Success Manager & Team Lead Change

This supported their quick customer base growth without increasing their support staff numbers and facilitated their expansion into other European markets.

Moreover, the training is more consistent and lots of users complete it on the first day and start using the product immediately. By constantly fine-tuning their approach, RecruitNow has achieved a very high customer satisfaction score within a few weeks.

We never had such a high rate of trained people getting live on the first day.
– Bouwe Metz, Senior Customer Success Manager & Team Lead Change

RecruitNow survey results analytics
RecruitNow survey results analytics.

Master in-app customer training with Userpilot

Let’s wrap up by looking at the key Userpilot features that helped RecruitNow scale its customer onboarding.

  • Create no-code onboarding flows: Creating in-app onboarding flows in Useprilot doesn’t require any coding. You simply pick one of the UI pattern templates from the library, customize it in the WYSIWYG editor, and create sequences.
Onboarding flow builder in Userpilot
Onboarding flow builder in Userpilot.
  • Localize in-app experiences for global segments: Userpilot offers a localization feature so you can automatically translate your in-app flows, surveys, and support resources into more than 130 languages.
Userpilot localization in action
Userpilot localization in action.
  • Collect customer feedback with in-app surveys: Just like with in-app patterns, creating surveys in Userpilot doesn’t require coding. There’s a template library with all the industry standard surveys like CSAT, NPS, and PMF.
Userpilot survey template library
Userpilot survey template library.
  • Provide on-demand customer support with a resource center: The resource center builder is equally intuitive to use. You can leverage it for self-service support to further reduce the workload of your customer success managers.
Userpilot resource center builder
Userpilot resource center builder.


By implementing Userpilot, RecruitNow was able to automate its customer onboarding process. This reduced the number of live training sessions their CS managers had to deliver, increased training completion rates, and boosted first-day user activation.

Without Userpilot, RecruitNow wouldn’t have been able to support the growing number of customers across multiple countries.

If you’d like to see how Userpilot can help you streamline your customer training and onboarding, book the demo!

Try Userpilot and Take Your Customer Onboarding to the Next Level

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