12 Best Software for Customer Feedback to Gather Actionable Insights

12 Best Software for Customer Feedback to Gather Actionable Insights cover

Searching for the best software for customer feedback to truly understand your customer sentiment?

Software for customer feedback has become essential for SaaS businesses that have customers in their hearts. Actionable insights from feedback help you better align your product with customers’ needs and retain them for longer.

In this article, we’ve curated the 12 best software for customer feedback with all their ins and outs to help you choose which is the best fit.


  • Customer feedback software refers to the platforms and tools that help you gather and analyze insights from customer feedback.
  • The 12 best customer feedback tools to extract customer insights are:
  • Userpilot is a holistic digital adoption platform that helps you build different types of microsurveys, like Net Promoter Score or Customer Effort Score, and gain valuable customer insights.
  • Typeform is an intuitive and user-friendly tool that empowers you to create engaging and interactive feedback surveys.
  • SurveyMonkey lets you create customized surveys across various channels with its vast collection of questions, logic features, and seamless integration.
  • Jotform is a leading online survey builder with effective features, like drag-and-drop survey maker, to ensure an engaging survey experience.
  • Survicate offers various survey types and channels and provides insights from even partially completed surveys.
  • UserVoice stands out as software for customer feedback with its collaboration and segmentation features.
  • Qualaroo helps you collect customer feedback and measure customer satisfaction with AI-powered sentiment analysis.
  • SurveySparrow focuses on improving overall customer experience with an executive dashboard and conversational forms.
  • Canny facilitates feedback collection and analysis through a voting board and relevant data integration.
  • Podium is a comprehensive feedback software that streamlines operations and enables effective customer connections.
  • Feedier helps you collect structured and unstructured feedback and then use adaptive text analysis for organized data tagging.
  • Qualtrics is great customer feedback software for collecting, managing, and acting on feedback data.

You should consider if a user feedback tool has the following while selecting one:

What is customer feedback software?

Customer feedback software is the platform or tool that lets you collect and analyze insights on customer sentiment and feedback about your product and service.

12 best customer feedback tools to gain customer insights

Let’s look at the best 12 software for customer feedback that can help you uncover valuable customer insights.


Userpilot is a comprehensive digital adoption platform (DAP) that stands out as one of the best customer feedback tools available in the market today. It offers powerful features to help you gain valuable customer insights, track product usage, and optimize the user experience.

Choose from Survey Template Collection in Userpilot.

Key features

  • Surveys from scratch or templates: Userpilot offers a versatile survey creation tool that empowers product teams to gather specific and targeted user feedback. It provides the flexibility to design in-app surveys from scratch with a no-code solution or ready-made template collections.
  • Create NPS surveys and follow-up questions: You can effortlessly implement Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys with Userpilot. Incorporating follow-up questions into the surveys takes you beyond the quantitative numbers and uncovers the reasons.
  • Customize surveys to match brand presentation: With Userpilot’s extensive customization options, you can seamlessly align your surveys’ visual design and branding with your overall product presentation. It ensures a cohesive and familiar look and feel and leads to higher response rates.
  • Advanced survey configuration: Userpilot goes beyond basic survey functionalities by offering advanced configuration options. Its built-in translation and localization capabilities help you cater to a global user base. You can also use its robust segmentation and triggering conditions to deploy surveys at specific touchpoints.
Trigger Surveys with Userpilot.
Sentiment analytics in Userpilot

Sentiment analytics in Userpilot


Userpilot offers excellent value for money, and its pricing plans are flexible and scalable to accommodate companies of different sizes and needs. Here’s an overview of Userpilot’s plans:

  • Traction: This entry-level plan costs $249 monthly and supports up to 2500 users.
  • Growth: Comes at custom pricing and usage limits, with unlimited feature tags and more.
  • Enterprise: It offers custom pricing and usage limits, with unlimited members, localization, and more.
Userpilot Plans.


Userpilot has a high rating of 4.6 on G2.


It is an intuitive, user-friendly, and no-code solution tool that helps you create engaging and interactive feedback surveys. Its features and sleek interface empower you to create forms that are seamless while offering appealing visuals to respondents. You can use it to measure customer satisfaction, conduct market research, etc.

Typeform Workspace.

Key features

  • Template collections: Typeform provides a vast collection of pre-designed templates to enable you to create engaging surveys and forms easily. These templates cater to different industries and use cases. So you can use them for anything you want and save time and effort.
  • Adaptive follow-up questions: Its forms capture deeper insights by using adaptive follow-up questions to the respondents. It enables you to tailor subsequent questions based on respondents’ previous answers and collect more meaningful and personalized feedback.
  • Appealing visuals: You can effortlessly enhance the visual appeal of your forms with Typeform’s visually stunning designs. It lets you engage your audience and make the form-filling experience more enjoyable and interactive.
  • Logic jumps: With the “Logic Jumps” tool, you can create survey logic that adapts based on respondents’ answers. This feature allows for a more customized and dynamic survey experience and improves data quality.
  • Integration: Typeform offers extensive integration capabilities with more than 120 platforms, like Hubspot, Zapier, etc.


Typeform offers 4 plans that you can choose from. They are:

  • Basic: Starts at $25/month with 100 responses.
  • Plus: Comes at $50/month with 1,000 responses.
  • Business: Costs $83/month for 10,000 responses.
  • Enterprise: You can customize the plan by aligning it with your wants.
Typeform Plans.


It has a great rating of 4.5 on G2.


It is a highly regarded survey platform that helps you gather customer feedback and provides actionable insights. With SurveyMonkey, you can effortlessly create customized surveys and distribute them through multiple channels. It also has a comprehensive set of features that you should leverage to analyze the collected insights.


Key features

  • Question bank: SurveyMonkey has an extensive question bank with the efforts of its survey scientists. This customer feedback tool provides a wealth of pre-written questions that you can easily incorporate into your surveys and ask relevant questions.
  • Survey logic: You can use survey logic features to ensure a valuable survey-taking experience. SurveyMonkey offers 4 types of logic features: 1. Question Skip Logic – to guide respondents to specific pages or questions based on their previous answers. 2. Page Skip Logic – to skip respondents to particular pages and optimize their survey journey. 3. Advanced Branching – to skip logic based on various conditions and provide personalized experiences. 4. Question & Answer Piping – to personalize the survey by using respondents’ answers to previous questions in future question prompts.
  • Survey reminders: Overcome respondents’ busy schedules with survey reminders. These reminders help ensure a higher response rate by nudging participants who may be genuinely interested in your survey topic but need a gentle reminder.
  • Integration: It offers seamless integration with 100+ platforms, including all the popular ones.


SurveyMonkey has a free plan and 2 premium plans that you can choose from. They are:

  • Basic: This free plan comes with 10 questions and 40 responses per survey.
  • Individual Advantage: It comes at $34 monthly with unlimited survey questions and 15,000 responses per year.
  • Team Advantage: It comes at $25/month per user with unlimited survey questions and 50,000 responses per year.
SurveyMonkey Plans.


SurveyMonkey’s reputation in the industry has garnered it a rating of 4.4 stars on G2.


It is a leading online form builder that enables you to collect valuable customer feedback. Jotform offers a comprehensive platform with templates for creating the perfect forms and gathering critical data.

Survey form settings in Jotform.

Key features

  • Drag-and-drop survey maker: Jotform’s intuitive drag-and-drop survey maker allows seamless customization without coding. Whether you want to upload your logo or adjust fonts, you can use the drag-and-drop survey maker for it.
  • Mobile-responsive design: At the present time, it’s crucial to ensure that customer surveys are accessible on any device to get the most responses. Jotform’s forms are mobile-friendly, with a smooth and engaging survey experience across smartphones, tablets, and other devices.
  • Progress bar: Jotform offers a progress bar feature that keeps participants informed about their progress. Whether in a card-style or classic form, the progress bar lets users know how many pages or questions remain.
  • Integration: Jotform integrates with popular platforms such as Zapier, HubSpot, PayPal, Google Workspace, and more.


Jotform has a free plan and 4 premium plans for collecting customer feedback. The plans are:

  • Starter: Comes with 5 forms and a 100 monthly responses limit.
  • Bronze: At $34/month with 25 forms and a 1,000 monthly responses limit.
  • Silver: At $39/month with 50 forms and 2,500 monthly responses limit.
  • Gold: Costs $34/month and has a limit of 100 forms and 10,000 monthly responses limit.
  • Enterprise: You can negotiate with the sales team for a custom plan at an affordable price.
Jotform plans.


Jotform is one of the highly rated user feedback tools on review platforms, with a 4.7 rating on G2.


It is a comprehensive customer feedback and survey platform for businesses to gather valuable customer insights. Survicate offers multiple channels for sending surveys, including email, website, in-product, and mobile in-app surveys, allowing for flexibility in reaching and engaging customers. You also get unlimited free users and collaborative features even in the free plans of Survicate.

Creating forms in Survicate.

Key features

  • Insights from partially completed surveys: Survicate allows businesses to capture survey responses, even from respondents who partially complete the surveys. It ensures that any valuable feedback is not lost and provides insights into customer preferences and sentiments.
  • Different types of surveys: Survicate offers diverse survey types to cater to different feedback needs. Whether email, Net Promoter Score (NPS), website, in-product, in-app surveys, or Intercom Messenger, Survicate’s surveys cover various channels and touchpoints to capture feedback.
  • Large collection of templates: It provides a wide selection of pre-designed templates for different survey types to help you create surveys quickly. You can use them to make the best-fit surveys to gain actionable insights.
  • Integrations: Survicate integrates with popular tools to consolidate data, streamline workflows, and enrich customer feedback analytics. It has integrational available with tools like Google Analytics, Amplitude, HubSpot, and more.


Survicate offers 4 plans. They are:

  • Feedback Starter: At $89/month for 3,000 customers’ feedback per year.
  • Advanced Researcher: Costs $129/month for 6,000 customers’ feedback per year.
  • Feedback Automation: At $179/month for 12,000 customers’ feedback per year.
  • Team Insights: At $269/month for 30,000 customers’ feedback per year.
Survicate plans.


Survicate has a great rating of 4.7 on G2.


It is a powerful customer feedback tool that offers you valuable insights with easy collection and analysis of feedback data. One of UserVoice’s unique offerings is its collaboration option among your various teams.

Status board in UserVoice.

Key features

  • Collaboration: UserVoice’s Contributor Sidebar allows your different teams, like sales, success, and support, to share the received feedback among them. This streamlined process enhances team collaboration by letting them collect and share insights effortlessly.
  • Advanced segmentation: With powerful filtering options, UserVoice lets you uncover opportunities and flag concerns by segmenting feedback. You can use it to analyze responses granularly to understand your customer base better.
  • Dashboard: UserVoice’s Idea Insights dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of feedback and lets you monitor it at a glance. The dashboard lets you stay informed and make data-driven decisions based on real-time insights.
  • Integration: This user feedback software offers integration capabilities with popular services like Slack, Azure DevOps, and Zendesk.


UserVoice is one of the relatively expensive platforms for customer feedback. It offers 4 distinct plans to pick from. They are (given based on annual pricing):

  • Essentials: At $699 monthly for up to 200 unique end users.
  • Pro: At $899 monthly for up to 1,000 unique end users providing feedback.
  • Premium: At $1,349 for up to 5,000 unique end users.
  • Enterprise: It comes with custom pricing that you can discuss with UserVoice’s team.
UserVoice plans.


UserVoice has a rating of 4.5 on G2.


It is one of the best software for customer feedback collection and customer satisfaction measurement. Its advanced features, like sentiment analysis, enhance the quality and quantity of feedback you collect.

Create surveys in Qualaroo.

Key features

  • AI-Powered analytics & reports: Qualaroo leverages AI-powered sentiment analysis, powered by IBM Watson, to transform free-form text into organized data. It lets you track mood metrics, identify keywords, and gain comprehensive insights from customer responses.
  • Smooth experience: Qualaroo offers a great user experience without impacting website performance. After adding it to your website, you can easily ask new questions without relying on developers and with zero lag.
  • Professional templates: Qualaroo eliminates the need to start each survey from scratch by offering a range of professional templates. You can brand these customizable templates with customized fonts, colors, logos, and more.
  • Integrations: Qualaroo has integration options with popular platforms such as Zapier, Google Analytics, Tableau, HubSpot, Salesforce, etc.


Qualaroo offers 3 premium plans:

  • Essentials: Costs $69/month and has 1 domain.
  • Premium: Starts at $149/month for 2 domains.
  • Business: Comes at $299 with enterprise-level customization.
Qualaroo Plans.


Qualaroo has gathered a good rating of 4.4 on G2.


It is a holistic software for customer feedback and overall customer experience improvement. You can use its features, like offline surveys, NPS measurement, and sentiment analysis, to dig deeper into your customers’ minds.

SurveySparrow Surveys.

Key features

  • Executive dashboard: SurveySparrow offers an executive dashboard that provides at-a-glance visibility and reporting. You can use it to pull data from multiple surveys into one place. Then it gets easier to perform in-depth analysis and hassle-free collaboration.
  • Conversational form: Its conversational form feature upgrades the survey-taking experience. You can easily design and analyze surveys with conversational features, enabling respondents to express themselves freely.
  • Voice transcription: With SurveySparrow’s voice transcription feature, you can instantly transcribe spoken survey responses into text. It saves respondents time and effort and improves completion rates for long-form responses.
  • Integration: It allows you to connect with any of the platforms you use, mainly through Zapier.


SurveySparrow has 3 plans, and the cost depends on the response limits. The plans are:

  • Basic: Starts at $19 for 10,000 responses.
  • Essentials: Price ranges from $49 to $274 for 15,000 – 30,000 responses.
  • Business: Costs from $99 to $1,000 for 100,000 – 200,000 responses, respectively
  • Enterprise: You can customize according to your needs by discussing with SurveySparrow’s teams.
SurveySparrow Plans.


Surveysparrow has a rating of 4.2 on G2.


It is a customer feedback management software that lets you effectively manage and utilize user feedback. Canny provides a centralized platform for capturing, organizing, and analyzing customer feedback.

User feedback in Canny.

Key features

  • Feedback collection: Canny’s product feature voting board allows you to collect customer feedback effectively. You can collect feedback publicly or privately in a dedicated feedback board, where users will submit and vote on ideas.
  • Feedback analysis: Canny helps you analyze feedback by adding relevant data. You can incorporate customizable fields, such as monthly spending and other specific data points, to better understand the source of feedback.
  • Integration: Canny integrates with popular platforms such as Intercom, Slack, Jira, and Zapier.


Canny offers 1 free and the following 2 premium plans:

  • Growth: Starts at $360/month with powerful features and integrations.
  • Business: This enterprise-level plan is customizable upon request.
Canny Plans.


Regarding ratings, Canny is one of the best customer feedback software, with 4.6 ratings on G2.


It is a holistic software for customer feedback that empowers businesses to effectively gather customer feedback, streamline operations, and connect with customers.

Analyze survey responses in Podium.

Key features

  • Easy process: Podium makes leaving feedback effortless for customers by sending them a simple request via text message. This streamlined approach ensures that customers can provide feedback conveniently and increases response rates.
  • AI-powered Tools: It leverages AI-powered tools to help you effectively manage feedback. With automated invites, you can proactively gather feedback from customers. Its AI-powered response suggestions further enable quick and personalized responses to customers.
  • Integration: Podium helps you connect your customer feedback processes with your existing workflow by providing 180+ integration options.


Podium offers 3 plans:

  • Essentials: Starts at $249 with 1,000 contacts and up to 3 team members.
  • Standard: Costs $409 with unlimited contacts and team members.
  • Professional: Starts at $599 with every feature of Standard with more personalized and automated features.
Podium Plans.


Podium has a decent rating of 4.5 stars on G2.


It is a robust software for customer feedback that focuses on enhancing the end-user experience by consolidating direct and indirect feedback. You can understand customers’ needs and expectations by leveraging Feedier’s comprehensive reports and analytics.

NPS Surveys in Feedier.

Key features

  • Adaptive text analysis: Feedier employs industry-specific and customer-focused Natural Language Processing (NLP) analysis to interpret feedback accurately. You can then use it to extract valuable insights and actionable recommendations from customer responses’ sentiments.
  • Capture structured & unstructured feedback: With Feedier, you can build in-depth and interactive surveys to increase participation and response rates. Capturing structured and unstructured feedback will offer comprehensive insights into customer experiences, preferences, and suggestions.
  • Tag & organize feedback data: It further enables you to tag and organize feedback data and align it directly to necessary business Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This feature saves time and effort by automating the process of structuring feedback data.
  • Integration: Feedier integrates with commonly used platforms like Intercom, Salesforce, HubSpot, and Asana.


Feedier’s Enterprise plan starts at 20,000 feedback. It comes with unlimited sources, surveys, dashboards, and alerts and starts at 5 users.

You can contact the sales team and customize your plan per your needs. You can also request a demo to see if Feedier is the perfect fit for your business.

Feedier plans.


Feedier has a rating of 4.5 on G2.


It is one of the best software for customer feedback that enables companies to collect, manage, and act on feedback data. With Qualtrics, you can create human-centered forms like Net Promoter Score and better understand your customers.

NPS surveys in Qualtrics.

Key features

  • Drag-and-drop feature: Qualtrics has a drag-and-drop software interface that lets you create and analyze top-notch surveys without any coding skills. You can choose from 100+ question types and use advanced logic, branching, quotas, API integrations, etc.
  • Customer targeting: It offers over 20 different targeting variables, including geolocation, customer segments, and site behavior, to let you offer customized promotions and gather feedback from the right audiences.
  • Test response generation: It allows you to generate random dummy data to see how your dataset or reports will look before sending out your survey. It’s handy when you don’t want to complete the survey yourself repeatedly.
  • Integration: It offers smooth integration with Google Connect Integration, Amazon Connect, Apple Messages, etc.


Qualtrics’ plans are available on request. Although there is no publicly disclosed information, Captera says Qualtrics’ plans start at $1,500.


Qualtrics has a rating of 4.4 on G2.

How to choose the right user feedback tool?

When it comes to selecting the right user feedback tool for your business, there are several key factors to consider. Here are the essential points you should consider when choosing a user feedback tool:


Choosing the right software for customer feedback is crucial to prioritize your customers’ needs. The product you opt for can be pivotal in collecting and analyzing actionable insights to drive product improvements and retention.

Want to get started with the right software for customer feedback? Get a Userpilot Demo and see how you can use it to extract actionable insights.

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