Feature Feedback Survey Template: Examples and Questions to Ask

Feature Feedback Survey Template: Examples and Questions to Ask cover

A feature feedback survey template makes the feedback process easier. It will help generate quality feedback and enhance your product experience without your product team having to second-guess what they’re doing.

In this article, we’ll show you several feature feedback templates to use and questions to ask.


  • A feature survey is a method of collecting user feedback about existing or upcoming features of your product.

Types of feature surveys to obtain valuable feedback:

  1. Beta testing feature feedback survey for understanding if the new feature will bring value to users before it’s launched.
  2. New feature survey for feedback on specific product features after launch.
  3. Feature request survey to understand users’ needs regarding your product.
  4. Customer effort score survey to understand the user experience with specific features.
  5. CSAT survey for collecting customer sentiment about a feature.

Few examples of questions to ask in a feature feedback survey:

  1. Rate your experience with [Feature]
  2. How can we further improve [Feature]?
  3. How disappointed would you be if [Feature] became unavailable?
  4. Which of the following features is most important to you?
  5. How does [Feature] impact this product’s value compared with its competitors?
  6. Has [Feature] made the product more efficient?
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What is a feature survey?

A feature survey is a tool product teams use for collecting user feedback about existing or upcoming features of your product. The feedback obtained lets you gauge customer needs, optimize the product roadmap, and make necessary product improvements based on real insights.

Types of feature feedback surveys for collecting customer feedback

There are different ways to send feature surveys depending on the data you want to collect. Below are various types and their purposes.

Beta testing feature feedback survey template

Beta testing surveys let you collect feedback from select beta testers about your feature before launch.

The feedback gathered can show how customers feel about your feature and detect mistakes before rolling it out to the world.

Feature feedback survey template for beta testing.

New feature survey template for feedback on a specific feature

Set this survey to trigger automatically after a user first engages with a newly launched feature. It will help you find areas of improvement and possible bugs.

By fixing those friction points, you’ll enhance the usability of your feature and increase user satisfaction.

Userpilot enables you to create and trigger surveys to collect feedback on new features.

Feature request survey template

This survey helps you collect new feature ideas and understand customer expectations.

You can trigger it at different touchpoints in the user journey. Just ensure you only target activated users, as new customers don’t have enough experience with your tool to answer properly.

Create surveys and collect feature requests with Userpilot.

Customer effort survey (CES) to understand the customer experience with a feature

This survey lets you measure customers’ perceived effort in using a feature. It helps you identify and address friction points hindering the customer journey.

The best time to trigger a CES survey is immediately after users engage with a specific feature.

Userpilot’s customer effort score survey.

Customer satisfaction survey (CSAT) for collecting customer sentiment about a feature

Like the CES survey, trigger your CSAT question after a user engages with the target feature.

The survey results will help you understand how well the feature meets user expectations and let you know if you need to make changes.

CSAT survey designed with Userpilot.

What questions to ask in a feature feedback survey?

The following questions will help you elicit the right survey responses. You can use them directly or make small changes to suit your purpose.

Rate your experience with [Feature]

This survey will enable you to understand the overall customer satisfaction with a particular feature.

Trigger it after first-time user interaction with that feature. You can also send it to existing customers if you recently made feature updates.

Measure customer satisfaction with a specific feature.

How can we further improve [Feature]?

This open question gives users space to share their feelings and provide suggestions on specific parts of a product.

Don’t just collect information; ensure to act on the feedback and get back to customers so they feel valued.

Create and customize surveys in Userpilot code-free.

How disappointed would you be if [Feature] became unavailable?

Ask this question to understand if users adopted the feature or are getting value from it.

If more users are neutral or wouldn’t be disappointed, it’s a sign that the feature is either not helpful or they haven’t used it enough to derive your intended value.

Feature feedback survey in Userpilot.

Which of the following features is most important to you?

This question lets you identify the killer features of your product so you can focus on maintaining quality or making them better.

Additionally, the insights uncovered can help refine your marketing campaigns and put your differentiators at the center.

Feature feedback survey template to identify killer features.

How does [Feature] impact this product’s value compared with its competitors?

This question lets you understand where you stand compared to alternatives and whether the particular feature adds value or gives you a competitive advantage.

It’s especially useful when ramping up your marketing strategy and positioning.

Feature survey to discover competitive advantage. Create similar surveys code-free on Userpilot.

Has [Feature] made the product more efficient?

This question can help you decide whether to sunset or maintain a feature.

But don’t just bank on customer answers; check with your product usage analytics to ensure the data tallies with customer responses.

It’s a good idea to maintain the feature if the bulk of responses are negative, but the product usage data says otherwise. At best, find ways to improve the feature.

Survey to determine feature efficiency.


Feature surveys let you identify problems users have while using your product. So regularly send, analyze, and act on feedback to improve the overall user experience.

With Userpilot you can choose a feature feedback survey template and start customizing it to fit your brand and feedback objective. Get a Userpilot Demo now to begin.

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