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Rely on your product to drive user activation, trial conversion, and expansion revenue with powerful in-app experiences.

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Increase trial-to-paid conversions by optimizing the onboarding experience

Help your users achieve their goals and realize the value of your product within their trial period with automated in-app guidance. Improve the conversion rate without involving your sales and customer success.

Retain more users by delivering product value quicker and more often

Increase your user retention rate by improving user engagement with contextual in-app experiences. Help users unlock more value throughout the user journey and prevent churn.

Push for upgrades with timely in-app messaging

Automate expansion revenue plays with contextual in-app nudges. A/B test different product experiences to find the best triggers to push premium features and upsells to your users.

Uncover opportunities for revenue growth

Utilize in-app surveys to get insights on users’ pain points, feature requests, and different use cases. Prioritize product investments that will generate more revenue growth.

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How GrowthMentor Drastically Reduced Their Support Tickets

Userpilot’s checklist reduced our support tickets from 20-25 a day to 1-2 per day.

  • - 83% Support tickets after implementing onboarding checklists

  • + 50% more mentor call bookings after adding an in-app pop-up

  • Security Standards at Userpilot

    As a vendor that processes millions of data points on a daily basis, we take our customers and their users’ data very seriously.

    Our data is fully encrypted, managed, and stored by SOC-compliant vendors such as Amazon AWS and Google Cloud.