How GrowthMentor Drastically Reduced Their Support Tickets by 83% with Userpilot

How GrowthMentor Drastically Reduced Their Support Tickets by 250% with Userpilot

Support tickets and SaaS companies go hand-in-hand, right? At least, that’s what we’re lead to believe.

As your business scales up, you start receiving more and more tickets, from more and more people, and it takes up more and more of your time.

Sure, you can use different tools to try and automate your tickets, and you can simply hire more Support team members to deal with them. That works.

But a much better approach is to reduce the number of support tickets entirely.

GrowthMentor realized this, and came to Userpilot to help automate their onboarding, and subsequently cut out the support tickets.

Here’s how we did it…

What is GrowthMentor?

To put it simply, GrowthMentor is kind of like online dating, but instead of finding romance, business owners can connect with some of the hottest growth experts in the world.

You can sign up, choose a mentor, and simply start talking to them. They’re like therapists for your business, and they’ll help you to take your growth to the next level.

What was the problem?

GrowthMentor had the same problem that virtually every single SaaS company faces at one point or another: The Support team were getting swamped with tickets.

The worst thing about these tickets is that they were often from mentors who needed to be guided through the onboarding process.

They weren’t looking for particular advice, they hadn’t spotted a bug or some sort of issue; they were simply stuck.

On average, each mentor took up around 13 minutes of support time. With 100s of mentors signing up, that added up to a lot of hours.

The folks at GrowthMentor quickly realized that this problem was only going to get worse as they scaled up.

They needed a solution…

How Userpilot helped GrowthMentor reduce support tickets by 83%

The team at GrowthMentor were receiving 25-30 support tickets a day, and the vast majority of these were related to onboarding.

They decided to implement Userpilot, and within a matter of days they rolled out a couple of checklists, one for mentors and one for mentees.

The checklist for mentors helped new users understand how the product worked, and guided them through the set-up process.

The checklist for mentees introduced new users to the product, and also aimed to drive them towards booking their first call. (More on that in a moment…)

Remember how we said that GrowthMentor’s Support team was receiving 25-30 tickets a day?

Well, thanks to Userpilot’s checklists, that number literally dropped down to 1 or 2.

That’s right. 1 or 2 support tickets a day. That’s basically nothing.

The onboarding process was completely automated. But that’s not the only way Userpilot helped GrowthMentor…

reduce support tickets_checklist

How Userpilot helped deliver 50% more bookings

A secondary goal of the improved onboarding flow was to drive the number of mentees that booked their first call.

Essentially, this was GrowthMentor’s conversion metric.

Thanks to the checklist that GrowthMentor created with Userpilot, mentees understood the platform better.

It reduced any friction between sign-up and conversion, and ultimately led to 50% more people booking a call with a mentor.

Userpilot also enabled GrowthMentor to segment their customer base. In future, this will help them reach out to non-paying users with personalized marketing and offers, improving their conversion rate further.

You can reduce your support tickets with Userpilot

As we said earlier, support tickets are a problem for every single SaaS company.

If you’re wanting to tackle that mountain of tickets for yourself, then get started with Userpilot and automate your onboarding process today.

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