Security Standards at Userpilot

Userpilot is a product experience platform that is used by hundreds of teams to deliver in-app experiences to their users. As a vendor that processes millions of data points on a daily basis, we take our customers and their users data very seriously.

Userpilot takes fully responsibility of all data that's processed through the platform. Our data is fully encrypted, managed and stored by SOC-compliant vendors such as Amazon AWS and Google Cloud.


All data that is handled and processed through the Userpilot platform is fully secured against unauthorized access. Only authorized Userpilot personnel are allowed to access such data, and are required to authenticate themselves whenever such data is accessed.

We have also taken extreme measures to prevent unauthorized access, theft or manipulation of data.


The Userpilot platform architecture was built to ensure maximum accessibility and uptime. Our APIs are fully separate from our product server, and redundant failover servers are set in place.

Moreover, all of our data is synced in real time with multiple backups on a daily basis.


We perform daily backups of all application data in multiple locations. We ensure every instance is fully encrypted and secured.


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