How Userpilot Helped Rocketbots with their Aha! Moment

How Userpilot Helped Rocketbots with their Aha! Moment

Everybody in the SaaS world knows how important it is to funnel your users towards the Aha! Moment as quickly as possible.

Finding the Aha! Moment can mean the difference between a customer that churns, and a customer for life.

But it isn’t always easy to show users your Aha! Moment.

Rocketbots found that out first-hand. Fortunately, Userpilot helped them to direct their users to their Aha! Moment.

In this article, we’re going to explore how they were able to do that.

What is Rocketbots?

rocketbots case study screenshot

Rocketbots is a messaging CRM that collects messages from pretty much every channel you can imagine. Slack, Whatsapp, Facebook — you name it, Rocketbots can integrate with it.

It makes it really easy to manage all of your conversations with prospects and customers.

It also enables you to automate your messaging through the use of Ai-powered chatbots.

What was Rocketbots’ Problem?

The main issue the folks at Rocketbots had was that their users weren’t experiencing the product’s Aha! Moment quick enough.

Rocketbots’ Aha! Moment is when you start connecting it to all of your different messaging channels.

The ability to receive and respond to all your messages in one app provides a large amount of value all at once. When a user realizes the implications of it, they’re hooked.

But Rocketbots has a lot of different features, and the Product team discovered that users couldn’t always figure out how to connect messaging platforms, or even that they could.

That’s where Userpilot came in.

How Userpilot Helped Rocketbots Show Users the Aha! Moment

Rocketbots’ Product team realized they needed to improve their user onboarding.

They needed to guide users towards the Aha! Moment as soon as possible.

They decided that the best way to do that was by implementing Userpilot.

Rocketbots aha moment_Userpilot

A checklist was added to the bottom-right of the app. This checklist contained four key tasks that would lead users to the Aha! Moment.

First, a new user creates a “Space”. This is essential for using the product.

Next, they are shown a tutorial, created using Userpilot. The tutorial consists of a few tooltips that basically show the user around the space they’ve created.

The next item on the checklist, “Connect A Channel” is the Aha! Moment.

When a user clicks on the item in the checklist, they’re directed to the relevant page.

The user is now guided by a new set of tooltips. They are prompted to add their first channel.

Rocketbots makes it quick and simple to add a channel. When the user sees how easy it is, they instantly see the value in the product. They experience the Aha! Moment.

What Were the Results?

rocketbots improved activation rate

Prior to using Userpilot, Rocketbots had an activation rate of 15% and a conversion rate of 3%.

After they improved their onboarding with Userpilot, their activation rate doubled to 30%, with a conversion rate of 5%.

These massive improvements were due to the checklist and tooltips that drove users towards their Aha! Moment.

Rocketbots saw a 300% increase in MRR after implementing Userpilot.

Thanks to Userpilot, Rocketbots are able to successfully onboard more of their users and convert more of them to paying customers.

You Can Improve your Activation Rate Too

You’ve seen how driving users to your Aha! moment can have a massive impact on your activation rate and overall growth.

With that in mind, why not try it out for yourself? Give Userpilot a go and use our product experience layer to drive your users to the Aha! Moment.

Get started with Userpilot today!

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