What is Self Service Support?

What is Self Service Support?

Self-serve support is when users are given the resources they need to solve their problems and achieve their goals on their own without having to contact a support agent. Self-serve resources include chatbots, knowledge bases, FAQs, in-app guides, walkthroughs, video tutorials, etc.

Why is Self Service Support important?

Self Service Support empowers users to find solutions to their problems without contacting customer service, saving both time and resources. It enhances user satisfaction by providing immediate assistance and can significantly reduce support costs. In today’s digital age, it’s an essential aspect of a comprehensive customer support strategy.

Do you need tools for Self Service Support?

Self-serve support tools help you reduce customer response times and better educate your customers about your product without spending a fortune to maintain sufficient support quality. Here’s why using a self-serve support tool is necessary:

  • With the ability to provide support in-app, you can reduce customer support workload and enhance overall customer support quality.
  • Self-service assistance adds to human resource cost savings by reducing the volume of regular queries and actions that would otherwise require a dedicated team.
  • Using help center widgets, chatbots, resource centers, product documentation, etc., to solve the issue instantly, you can shorten your response times and create happy customers.
  • You can retain customers by providing educational resources across the entire customer journey.

What are the best tools for Self Service Support?

Looking for a self-serve support tool? We’ve got your back! Here are some self-serve support tools for you to consider:

  • Userpilot: Best customer success platform to create and design in-app resource centers.
  • Pendo: To create resource centers to offer guides and walkthroughs.
  • HelpScout: To help desk software that’s more accessible to smaller businesses and doesn’t require complex setups, custom plans, or dedicated help.
  • Usetiful: Best to build knowledge bases.
  • Intercom: Best to streamline complex customer success processes and provide personalized support.

What are the must have features of Self Service Support tools?

Here are some important factors to consider while choosing self-serve support tools:

  • Ability to build different help content formats, including articles, videos, surveys, checklists, and links to add to your help center.
  • The feature that triggers personalized modules for different user segments – helping users to find relevant information quickly.
  • The option to customize your self-serve portals to match your brand’s branding, i.e., color palette, style, and fonts.
  • Translation and localization – to make the content accessible in different languages and places to reach a wider audience.
  • Trigger in-app messages based on specific events, in-app behaviors, and the user’s stage in the journey.

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