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What Is Customer Segmentation?
April 10, 2021

  Source: me.me More often than not, what one user cares about is of little or no interest to another user. This article will give practical answers to these important questions. Contents What is Customer Segmentation? Why is Customer Segmentation important for SaaS? What does the Customer Segmentation Process look like? What models can be used for Customer Segmentation? How do...

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Customer Success
Customer Lifecycle Marketing Guide: How SaaS Companies Can Optimize for Each Stage
January 29, 2020

For SaaS companies, keeping customers onboarded and engaged is the name of the game. On the most basic level, it just makes sense: The longer your customers stay onboard, the more revenue they create for your business and the more you can spend on acquiring new customers. What’s more, your users’ level of engagement will typically increase as they become more acclimated with your services. This leads your long-term “power-users” to provide...

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