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5 Customer Retention tactics for the Time of the Crisis - how to survive the 'War-Time' as a SaaS business without discounting
March 20, 2020

The coronavirus crisis escalated quickly and, in a matter of just days - pushed a number of countries in Europe and the US to take the extreme measures. City lockdowns, school closures, mass-gathering bans and forced social distancing - has sent several industries into contraction, and most companies expansion activities to a screeching halt. While the impact of social distancing and travel bans on brick-and-mortar businesses is obvious - what...

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Women in Product, Women in SaaS - Stories from 9 Inspiring Female Influencers in Tech
March 6, 2020

As a team supporting diversity and women in tech - we decided to use the International Women's Day as an opportunity to showcase some of the best talent in the industry - and interviewed the top female Product Managers, Product Owners and SaaS founders and CEOs. For one - to inspire other women to take up this profession, and celebrate the amazing women who have succeeded in this demanding role despite the odds - often juggling the fast-paced...

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