Who is Eric Ries: Background, Books, Webinars, and More

Who is Eric Ries: Background, Books, Webinars, and More cover

Eric Ries is a name synonymous with innovation and startup success. As an entrepreneur, author, and advisor, Eric has transformed the way businesses approach building products and launching startups with his Lean Startup methodology.

Continue reading to discover Eric’s career milestones, the books he has written, and our recommendations for his top articles and webinars.

Who is Eric Ries?

Eric Ries is an entrepreneur, author, advisor, and the creator of the Lean Startup methodology. He is known for his work on applying lean thinking to the process of innovation and startup companies.

Eric Ries’ approach emphasizes iterative product development, validated learning, and a focus on customer feedback. His book, “The Lean Startup,” has been influential in the startup world and has shaped how many entrepreneurs and businesses approach building and launching products.

How did Eric Ries begin his career?

After studying at Yale University, Eric began his career as a Senior Software Engineer at There.com. His most significant career milestone came when he co-founded IMVU, an online social networking and virtual world startup, in 2004.

It was during his time at IMVU that Ries developed and refined the ideas and principles that would later form the basis of the Lean Startup methodology. In 2011, he wrote the widely renowned book “The Lean Startup,” which was followed by another book in 2017 called, “The Startup Way.”

Eric is also the founder of Lean Startup Co., in which he and his team effectively guide companies in integrating the Lean Startup approach.

Currently, he is the Founder and Executive Chairman of the Long-Term Stock Exchange, a stock exchange based in the United States designed to support companies that are focused on long-term growth and sustainability.

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Books written by Eric Ries

Eric has summarized his unique perspectives and years of experience into two widely acclaimed books. Let’s explore what each of these books has to offer.

The Lean Startup

The Lean Startup.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Where to buy: Amazon

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries introduces a methodology designed to increase the success rate of startups by fostering innovation and efficiency.

Eric defines a startup as any organization creating new products under uncertain conditions. His approach, inspired by lean manufacturing, emphasizes validated learning, which involves rapid experimentation and iterative product development.

This methodology helps startups quickly test and refine their ideas, avoiding time wasted on elaborate plans that may not succeed. By focusing on real customer feedback and adapting continuously, companies can develop sustainable businesses more effectively, whether they’re new ventures or established enterprises.

The Lean Startup is a New York Times bestseller that has sold over one million copies and has been translated into more than 30 languages.

The Startup Way

The Startup Way.

Rating: 4.4 / 5

Where to buy: Amazon

In The Lean Startup, Eric Ries introduced successful startup practices like creating a minimal viable product, using the build-measure-learn cycle for continuous innovation, and deciding whether to persevere or pivot.

In The Startup Way, he extends these principles to established enterprises such as GE, Toyota, Amazon, and Facebook, as well as emerging companies like Airbnb and Twilio. Drawing on his experiences with various organizations, including nonprofits and governments, Eric presents techniques that foster sustainable growth and long-term impact.

This book offers practical insights, stories, and tools for organizations navigating modern business challenges.

Top blog posts of Eric Ries to read

Eric Ries shares his insights on his blog, Startup Lessons Learned. While he is not currently active on the blog, his past posts contain valuable knowledge to help you succeed.

Top of webinars of Eric Ries to watch

Eric has appeared on multiple webinars and podcasts to share his knowledge with the world. If you’re looking to learn more about the lean methodology, watch the videos below:

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Eric Ries is a renowned entrepreneur and author known for developing the Lean Startup methodology, that emphasizes iterative product development and customer feedback.

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