24 AI Podcasts to Expand Your Knowledge & Explore the Future of Technology

24 AI Podcasts to Expand Your Knowledge & Explore the Future of Technology cover

AI is a big talking point, making waves in many different industries. One of the best ways of keeping up to date with the rapidly growing subject is by listening to AI podcasts.

These podcasts can deliver you the latest developments and news in an audio format you can listen to while driving or walking a dog.

In this article, we’ve selected 24 of the best AI podcasts for you to listen to improve your knowledge of AI and keep up to date with the future of AI technology in product management and more.


#1: Podcast.ai

Podcast.ai is a pioneering weekly podcast that pushes the boundaries of artificial intelligence in content creation. Hosted by an ensemble of AI-generated voices, the show delves deeply into a new topic each week, offering listeners an insightful and innovative experience.

The podcast’s range is impressive, covering everything from advanced machine learning concepts to more general interest subjects. Unique to this podcast is its use of play.ht‘s ultra-realistic voices, bringing a distinct twist to each episode. For example, the Steve Jobs episode was meticulously crafted using his biography and all available online recordings, allowing AI to recreate his voice with remarkable accuracy. This feature not only caters to AI enthusiasts but also to those intrigued by new perspectives in podcasting and the revival of historical figures’ voices.

Listeners are not just passive recipients but active participants in Podcast.ai. The platform encourages audience interaction, where listeners can suggest and vote for future episode topics. This level of engagement ensures the podcast remains relevant and tailored to its audience’s interests.

The podcast.ai ai podcasts
Listen to podcast.ai.

#2: The AI Podcast

The AI Podcast hosted by Noah Kravitz showcases the limitless potential of AI across various industries and societies. This NVIDIA-sponsored podcast features conversations with experts about the transformative technology of AI, highlighting its developmental milestones, technical challenges, and real-world applications.

It offers insights for both AI novices and enthusiasts. The show covers AI’s influence in diverse areas, including art, science, business, and ecology, featuring guests from Google, Oracle, and Deloitte. Each episode is tailored to a wide audience, from marketing executives to educators.

The logo of the AI podcasts
Listen to AI podcast.

#3: AI Today Podcast: Artificial intelligence insights, experts, and opinion

The AI Today Podcast, hosted by Cognilytica’s Kathleen Walch and Ron Schmelzer, provides insights into the latest trends in artificial intelligence. It offers easy-to-understand content and interviews with AI experts, aiming to demystify AI’s practical applications and adoption.

Listeners benefit from discussions on key AI topics and real-world implementation challenges. The podcast cuts through the hype, focusing on genuine developments in AI, making it a valuable resource for anyone interested in the current state and future of AI technology.

The feature image of AI Today podcast
Listen to AI Today.

#4: The AI Podcast by NVIDIA

The AI Podcast by NVIDIA is a captivating exploration of AI’s impact on our world, told one story at a time.

Each episode features a unique interview covering a broad range of topics from wildlife biology to astrophysics and business applications of AI. The podcast aims to build a real-time oral history of AI, offering 25-minute episodes every two weeks.

With nearly 3.4 million listeners, it stands out as a noteworthy resource for anyone interested in AI’s diverse applications.

The logo of the AI podcasts by NVIDIA
Listen to AI Podcast by NVIDIA.

#5: The TWIML AI Podcast

The TWIML AI Podcast, hosted by Sam Charrington, brings together influential minds in machine learning and AI, making it one of the best machine learning podcasts. This podcast covers various topics within these fields, including deep learning, natural language processing, and neural networks.

It is a valuable resource for ML/AI researchers, data scientists, engineers, and tech-savvy business and IT leaders.

The show, which aims to provide a broad understanding of these technologies, features detailed discussions on various aspects of AI, such as generative AI.

An image of Sam Charrington and the title of his AI podcasts TWIML AI podcast
Listen to TWIML AI podcast.

#6: Data Skeptic – Machine learning and data science

Data Skeptic is a podcast that explores various topics within data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Each season focuses on a specific theme, such as machine intelligence, survey methodologies, generative AI, ad-tech, and the impact of AI on the workforce.

The podcast provides a deep dive into various AI and ML techniques and their real-world applications, making it a valuable resource for those interested in AI and computer science.

A description and image of the Dat Skeptic AI podcasts
Listen to Data Skepticos.

#7: Linear Digressions

Linear Digressions, hosted by Katie Malone and Ben Jaffe, is a podcast that explores various topics in data science and machine learning in an accessible and engaging manner.

The episodes covered diverse subjects such as algorithmic transparency in healthcare, open policing data, and AI in criminology, providing insights into AI ethics and data science.

The podcast concluded in July 2020, but its rich archive of episodes remains a valuable resource for anyone interested in data science.

The podcast image of the AI podcasts linear digressions
Listen to Linear Digressions.

#8: Brain Inspired: Science podcast

Brain-Inspired is a podcast that delves into the intersection of neuroscience and artificial intelligence, hosted by an expert passionate about both fields. It features discussions with leading researchers, exploring how insights from neuroscience can inform AI development and vice versa.

Listeners can expect to learn about the latest research, theories, and debates in these areas. The podcast addresses key questions like the role of brain understanding in AI, the differences between machine and animal learning, and the nature of consciousness.

Neuroscientists will discover how AI techniques can aid their research, while AI professionals will gain insights into how neuroscience can enhance their work. For the general curious audience, Brain Inspired offers an accessible journey into the complex worlds of neuroscience and AI.

The logo of the AI podcasts Brain Inspired
Listen to Brain Inspired.

#9: In Machines We Trust

In Machines We Trust, hosted by Jennifer Strong from MIT Technology Review, is an award-winning podcast that explores the impact of AI on our lives. It features stories from those affected by AI and insights from its innovators, covering topics like AI in warfare and digital human creation.

The podcast offers a balanced view, connecting personal experiences with AI’s technological and ethical implications. Ideal for anyone interested in AI’s societal effects, it provides a deeper understanding of this transformative technology.

An image of the AI podcasts In Machines We Trust
Listen to In Machines We Trust.

#10: Last Week in AI

Last Week in AI is a podcast that provides weekly summaries of the most intriguing AI news and insightful editorials commenting on recent events.

The podcast aims to keep listeners informed about the latest developments in artificial intelligence, covering a wide range of topics and perspectives.

This resource is designed for those who want to stay updated on AI trends and discussions.

The AI podcasts Last Week In AI
Listen to Last Week In AI.

#11: Talking Machines: Technology podcast

Talking Machines, hosted by Katherine Gorman and Neil Lawrence, is a podcast focused on machine learning and AI. Launched in 2015 by Gorman and Ryan Adams, it simplifies complex AI concepts through interviews with experts and discussions on industry news.

The podcast explores the evolving impact of machine learning, offering insights into new research and practical applications. It’s ideal for both AI professionals and those curious about how AI is shaping our world, blending expert perspectives with answers to listener questions.

An image of the Talking Machines AI podcast
Listen to Talking Machines.

#12: Hard Fork

Hard Fork a weekly podcast by The New York Times and hosted by Kevin Roose and Casey Newton, delves into the world of technology.

Produced by the New York Times Audio team, this show, released every Friday, explores the rapidly changing tech landscape. Roose and Newton offer insightful analysis on various tech developments, helping listeners understand and navigate the future that’s already here. Covering everything from AI to ethical tech issues, Hard Fork is ideal for anyone interested in the impact and evolution of technology in our lives.

The logo of the Hard Fork AI podcast
Listen to Hard Fork.

#13: The AI Breakdown: Daily artificial intelligence news and discussions

The AI Breakdown, hosted by NLW, is a daily podcast analyzing artificial intelligence news and trends. The show explores the impact of AI tools like Midjourney, ChatGPT, and AutoGPT on creativity, work, and industries.

It also delves into the philosophical and ethical aspects of advanced AI, discussing its implications for society and existential risks. Designed to make complex AI topics accessible, the podcast is ideal for AI professionals and enthusiasts alike, offering insights into AI’s societal impacts and future developments.

The feature image of the AI Breakdown podcast
Listen to The AI Breakdown.

#14: Integrated AI solutions

The Integrated AI Solutions podcast focuses on practically integrating artificial intelligence in various business sectors. It emphasizes making AI accessible and affordable to businesses of all sizes, aiming to enhance rather than replace human labor.

The podcast explores how AI can optimize operations and improve outcomes, stressing collaboration between businesses and AI experts. With over 1000 episodes, it’s a comprehensive resource for understanding how AI can be seamlessly implemented in different industries.

The logo of the Integrated AI solutions podcast
Listen to Integrated AI Solutions.

#15: Lex Fridman Podcast

The Lex Fridman Podcast, hosted by Lex Fridman, a research scientist at MIT, features deep, thoughtful conversations on the nature of intelligence, consciousness, love, and power.

It includes discussions with guests from various fields, providing insightful perspectives on complex subjects. The podcast explores AI, science, philosophy, and human experience themes.

The featured image showing Lex Fridman for his podcast
Listen to Lex Fridman Podcast.

#16: AI in education podcast

The AI in Education podcast, hosted by Dan Bowen from Microsoft Australia and Ray Fleming from InnovateGPT, offers a light-hearted yet informative dialogue on AI’s applications in education.

They explore AI’s mechanics and diverse uses in educational settings, aiming to make the topic accessible and engaging. The podcast is a valuable resource for educators and anyone interested in understanding AI’s educational role.

The featured image of the AI in education podcast
Listen to AI in Education.

#17: The AI Education Conversation

The AI Education Conversation podcast on Spotify explores the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence in educational settings. This show discusses how AI technologies are reshaping teaching and learning experiences.

It offers insights into AI’s applications in education, discussing its opportunities and challenges. The podcast is geared towards educators, students, and anyone interested in the intersection of AI and education.

The logo do the AI Education podcast
Listen to The AI Education Conversation.

#18: My EdTech Life: Innovative education technology insights

My EdTech Life, hosted by Fonz Mendoza, is a podcast that delves into the experiences of educators and creators in educational technology.

It features interviews that cover a wide array of topics, sharing stories, struggles, successes, and insights from the educational community. The podcast aims to amplify the voices of educators and creators, fostering a stronger and more connected community.

The logo do the podcast My EdTech Life
Listen to My EdTech Life.

#19: Practical AI

Practical AI: Machine Learning, Data Science is a podcast that offers lively discussions on various AI-related topics, including machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, and more.

Hosted by AI technology professionals, it caters to a diverse audience, including business people, students, and enthusiasts. The focus is on practical implementations and real-world scenarios. The podcast provides an engaging platform to stay updated on the latest in AI.

The logo of the Practical AI Podcast
Listen to Practical AI.

#20: DeepMind: The Podcast

DeepMind: The Podcast, hosted by mathematician and broadcaster Hannah Fry, offers an insightful journey into artificial intelligence.

The podcast, presented in two seasons, features world-class scientists and thinkers who explain the foundations of AI and its groundbreaking applications, like AlphaGo and AlphaFold.

It explores AI’s role in various fields and its potential future impact.

The featured image of the DeepMind podcast
Listen to DeepMind.

#21: Eye on AI

Eye On AI is a biweekly podcast that offers a journalistic view on the practical applications of AI, blending current trends with discussions on artificial general intelligence (AGI).

Hosted by Craig S. Smith, a former New York Times correspondent, it features interviews with industry experts from various sectors.

The podcast explores how businesses utilize AI to enhance productivity, automate tasks, and engage customers. It also addresses the existential aspects of AI, providing insights on adapting to the changes AI brings.

Notable episodes include discussions on increasing developer productivity through automatic code generation. This podcast is a rich source of information for anyone interested in AI’s real-world impact. For more, visit Eye On AI.

An image showing the title Eye On AI podcast
Listen to Eye on AI.

#22: AI in Business Podcast

The AI in Business Podcast by Emerj, hosted by Daniel Faggella, is a weekly series that delves into the world of AI, featuring discussions with industry leaders in robotics, deep learning, and data science. The focus is distinguishing between experimental AI tools and those providing tangible business value, encompassing machine learning and practical AI applications.

It’s an insightful resource for learning about AI trends, strategic applications, and AI safety and security, useful for professionals in SaaS, software development, and product management. For more detailed insights, tune into the podcast to understand how AI can enhance business strategies and leverage industry disruptions.

An image showing a short description of the AI in Business podcast
Listen to AI in Business.

#23: The Bot Canon

The Bot Canon, hosted by Hannah Keefer, takes a novel approach to AI podcasts. Instead of focusing on AI news, it creatively uses AI to reimagine classic literature.

Each episode feeds famous works like “The Hobbit” or “Pride and Prejudice” into AI Dungeon, with Keefer narrating the AI-generated narratives.

This podcast offers an intriguing exploration of AI’s capabilities in storytelling, providing a unique blend of technology and literature that appeals to content writers and literary enthusiasts.

The bot canon podcast
Listen to The Bot Canon.

#24: AI and the Future of Work

AI and the Future of Work, hosted by Dan Turchin, CEO of PeopleReign, features interviews with thought leaders and technologists discussing AI’s influence on the workplace. The artificial intelligence podcast delves into how AI shapes human experiences in the era of automation.

It offers insights from industry and academia experts about the implications and evolution of AI in professional settings.

The featured image of the AI and the future of work
Listen to AI and the Future of Work.


When you want to keep up to date with the extensive information and news, podcasts are a great format. This list of AI podcasts should help you keep up to date with all the relevant news, developments, and the hottest AI tools you need to know about while you carry out your day-to-day activities.

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