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Is your team struggling to determine the return on investment (ROI) of product marketing strategies? Or are you looking for ways to improve the performance of your marketing campaigns?

In either case, marketing analytics tools can come to your rescue. But with so many analytics solutions available in the market, how do you choose the right one?

In this article, we’ll take a look at a few powerful marketing analytics software, focusing on their features and pricing.


  • Marketing analytics tools are instrumental in driving the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. They let you track audience engagement, conversion rates, ad spending, and other metrics.
  • You can use marketing analytics tools to aggregate and analyze data from different channels to identify top-performing channels. That, in turn, helps optimize your marketing strategies and budget allocation.
  • Most marketing analytics software tools come with robust data visualization and reporting capabilities.
  • Some of the most widely used marketing analytics tools include Userpilot, HubSpot Marketing Hub, Supermetrics, Mixpanel, Hootsuite, Zoho Social, and Google Analytics.
  • Userpilot is an all-in-one product growth platform with built-in analytics and reporting features.
  • It can help you monitor the effectiveness of in-app marketing efforts. Book your demo now to see it in action.

Try Userpilot and Take Your Product Marketing to the Next Level

What are marketing analytics tools?

Marketing analytics software covers a wide range of tools that let organizations monitor, measure, and improve the performance of their marketing campaigns.

These tools offer various features, such as tracking website traffic and social media engagement and understanding user behavior.

Best marketing analytics tools for marketing performance and report automation

Marketing analytics solutions come with several features. It’s up to you to identify the right fit for your needs.

It’s now time for us to take a closer look at some of the best marketing analytics tools.


Are you looking for an all-in-one product growth platform with built-in marketing analytics capabilities? Userpilot is just the right fit. Whether you want to drive user engagement with in-app experiences or collect feedback through in-app surveys, you can do it with Userpilot.

When it comes to marketing analytics, the following features are useful:

  • Dashboards – You can create custom analytics dashboards using templates or build them from scratch. These dashboards let you monitor and visualize core metrics, such as user activity, engagement, sentiment, and conversion rates. That, in turn, gives you an idea of whether your in-app messaging and other marketing efforts are working as intended.
Userpilot marketing analytics software
Dashboards on Userpilot.
  • Reports – Userpilot lets you generate various analytics reports for funnels, paths, retention, and trends. You can use these reports to extract actionable insights from marketing data. For instance, you can use path analysis to see whether your in-app marketing messages succeeded in encouraging users to perform a specific action. Similarly, you can set up conversion funnels and use a funnel analysis report to determine the conversion rate of a campaign.
Conversion path analysis on Userpilot.
  • User/Company profiles – This feature comes in handy for analyzing marketing data at an individual level. For instance, you can identify what in-app messages or prompts they interact with and what their most used features are. Also, you can monitor their responses to in-app surveys and tailor your in-app communication to boost engagement and product adoption.
User profiles on Userpilot.
  • Third-party integrationsUserpilot supports integration with several commonly used marketing automation platforms and marketing analytics software. In other words, you can easily import data from other tools in your tech stack. Then, you can use dashboards and reports to visualize the data and retrieve actionable insights.

Pricing of Userpilot

Userpilot offers three pricing tiers:

  • Starter – Starts at $249 per month (allows up to 2,000 monthly active users); includes user engagement features, A/B testing, people & tracking, reporting, targeting, and customization. This plan offers better value for money than opting for a marketing analytics-only tool. It’s an ideal fit for startups looking to enhance the user experience while focusing on analytics.
  • Growth – Starts at $749 per month; covers all your marketing analytics needs, including unlimited product analytics, surveys, and feature tags.
  • Enterprise – Pricing is available on request.
Userpilot pricing plans.

HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot marketing analytics software
HubSpot dashboard.

It offers an all-in-one solution for creating, implementing, and monitoring marketing campaigns. Also, you can use the platform to automate campaigns based on data.

Key features include:

  • Campaigns – Get a unified dashboard to create, manage, and collaborate on marketing campaigns with cross-functional teams. Create tasks and even leave comments for each campaign.
  • Automation – Create automated campaigns using workflows and bot builders. Also, you can automate campaigns across different channels, from email and SMS to in-product marketing.
  • CRM integration – Use a marketing analytics tool powered by HubSpot’s CRM data to measure and optimize campaigns.

Pricing of HubSpot Marketing Hub

This marketing analytics tool offers a free plan that includes email marketing, live chat, and ad optimization.

Paid plans come with additional features, with prices starting from $20 per month per seat and going all the way up to $3,600 per month (5 seats included).


Supermetrics marketing analytics software
Supermetrics dashboard.

It integrates data from multiple marketing channels and imports it into a marketing analytics tool of your choice. It’s suitable for connecting all your data sources and extracting granular data to analyze and optimize campaigns.

Key features include:

  • Data integration – Pull data from multiple sources and add them to your go-to marketing analytics platform.
  • Data visualization – Automatically convert campaign performance data into bars, graphs, and charts according to your needs.
  • Marketing Intelligence Cloud – Analyze marketing data to generate meaningful insights and forecast results.

Pricing of Supermetrics

It offers a 14-day free trial. Pricing starts at $29 per month and is based on where you want to send your data. The costs can quickly add up if you select multiple destinations and use add-ons.


Hootsuite marketing analytics software
Hootsuite analytics.

It is a widely used social media management tool and works well as a marketing analytics platform as well. You can use it to create, schedule, monitor, and analyze campaigns across multiple social media platforms.

Key features include:

  • Publishing – Create, schedule, and publish posts on different social networks at scale.
  • Engagement – Use the private and public messaging inbox to connect with your audience.
  • Social media analytics – Access in-depth campaign analytics and custom reports and compare core metrics with industry benchmarks to optimize marketing performance.
  • Social listening – Stay on top of real-time conversations about your product/brand using Hootsuite Streams and Talkwater.

Pricing of Hootsuite

It offers four plans, with costs ranging from $99 to $739 (and higher). The total cost depends on the number of users, and each plan comes with a 30-day free trial.

Zoho Social

Zoho marketing analytics software
Zoho Social monitoring.

It’s a feature-packed social media management platform that lets you publish and monitor campaigns. Also, you can use it to improve lead nurturing and customer support.

Key features include:

  • Campaign management – Create a content calendar and schedule and publish posts in bulk.
  • Social analytics – Use pre-built reports or create custom reports to analyze and evaluate campaign performance and dig deeper into audience preferences.
  • Integration – Use the Zoho CRM integration to interact with prospects and leads via different social media platforms. Additionally, use the Zoho Desk integration to streamline social support.

Pricing of Zoho Social

It offers a forever-free plan that’s limited to 1 user and 1 brand. Premium plans start at $15 per month, and the pricing increases according to the number of users/brands.

Google Analytics

Engagement on Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is the go-to tool for monitoring traffic and marketing campaigns. It helps you identify top-performing channels that drive website visitors. Also, you can monitor conversions to determine campaign ROI.

Key features include:

  • Predictive analytics – Leverage Google’s machine learning models to predict user actions and adapt your campaigns accordingly.
  • Reporting – Use in-depth acquisition and engagement reports to understand what leads users to your app/website and prompts them to take specific actions.
  • Advertising snapshot – Get deeper insights from Google Ads, Search Console, and other platforms to understand advertising needs and modify your marketing strategy.

Pricing of Google Analytics

You can use Google Analytics Standard for free. Pricing for Google Analytics 360, which comes with more advanced functionalities, is available on request.


Mixpanel analytics.

It offers a wide array of analytics dashboards and filters to help you monitor key marketing metrics, such as website visits and return on ad spend (ROAS). Also, you can use formulas to break down your marketing data and extract more granular insights.

With it, you get several features to dig deeper into the user journey and measure the ROI of your marketing campaigns. These include:

  • Access to core website metrics, such as page views and bounce rates.
  • Insights into ad campaign performance.
  • Hassle-free migration from Google Analytics 4.

Pricing of Mixpanel

It offers a forever-free plan for up to 20 million monthly events. The platform also offers the following paid plans:

  • Growth – Starts at $28 per month for 10k events; price scales with events.
  • Enterprise – Price is available on request; accommodates up to 1 trillion monthly events.


Wrike campaign tracking.

Unlike other tools in this list, Wrike isn’t marketing analytics software per se. Instead, it’s a project management platform that offers in-depth insights into marketing team performance.

The features that come in handy include:

  • Kanban-style dashboards let marketing teams collaborate on projects, organize tasks, and share updates, regardless of location.
  • Marketing Insights integrates data from Facebook, Google Ads, and other channels into Wrike, allowing you to track key metrics in one place.
  • Automated workflows ensure seamless data transfer within your marketing tech stack.

Pricing of Wrike

Wrike comes with a free plan, which is suitable for small teams that are just getting started. Premium plans range between $9.80 per user per month to $24.80 per user per month (and higher for enterprises).


Monday dashboard.

It is a powerful project management tool that helps cross-functional teams collaborate on marketing campaigns.

Key features for marketing teams include:

  • Digital asset management for internal and external stakeholders.
  • Contextual annotations to avoid approval bottlenecks.
  • Automated workflows for routine tasks.
  • Integration with other marketing and web analytics tools, including Supermetrics, Google Ads, Facebook ads, and more.

Pricing of Monday

You get a forever-free plan for up to two seats. Pricing for paid plans ranges between $9 per month and $19 per month and scales with the number of seats you need.


Whether you want to understand user behavior trends or optimize advertising budget allocation, the top marketing analytics tools are the way to go. Nevertheless, your choice of analytics software depends on various factors, particularly the marketing channels you use.

Userpilot’s feature-rich product growth platform helps you dig deeper into in-app marketing campaign performance and extract actionable insights from the data. Schedule your demo today to get started.

Try Userpilot and Take Your Product Marketing to the Next Level

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