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Product Management
Credit Card vs. No Credit Card For SaaS Trials - What Should You Choose?
April 16, 2021

Offering a free trial is often expected for SaaS products in 2021. Even companies with high brand recognition, like Adobe and Hubspot, provide free trials of their products. That’s why most SaaS companies today don’t face a dilemma whether they should be offering a free trial or not. Rather, they need to choose how they will be providing a free trial. We covered in a previous article - How long should your free trial be? Today, we will...

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Product Experience
How Long Should Your Free Trial Be? Stop Thinking in Days
March 31, 2021

How long should your free trial be? Ah, the question as old as time. Ok, maybe it's only a 15-year old question, and it seems we still can’t get a definitive answer. Some argue for a free trial as short as possible (7 days) to create urgency for the user. Others say a longer free trial (+14 days) lets users explore your product at their leisure, and it becomes stickier. Honestly, at Userpilot, all we care about is helping companies create...

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Product Experience
Free Trial vs Demo: The Winner Isn’t Who You Think It Is
March 25, 2021

As with any Free Trial vs Demo debate, the most immediate answer you can expect is “It depends.” For us, it turned out that the best solution is...both. But don’t take my word for it. It may change. That’s the thing with ‘it depends’. It depends on your product’s positioning, the complexity of using it, and where you want to focus your marketing efforts. In other words - it depends on your business needs right now. However,...

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User Onboarding
Free Trial VS Paid Trial: When to Switch Your Model [Ahrefs & Surfer SEO Case Study]
March 6, 2021

There are many benefits to having a Free Trial VS Paid Trial. With a free trial, your users get a test ride of your product with a low barrier to entry. “No credit card required.” They also have a sense of urgency to explore all of your features in the number of days you give them. Whether you decide between 7 or 14 depends on how long you think it takes for your users to hit their ‘Aha! Moment!’. You are making your product as...

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Product Experience
How You Can Boost Your Trial to Paid SaaS Conversion Rate
November 26, 2020

Every SaaS wants to boost trial to paid conversion rates. Why do some succeed while others fail? Well, we will be terribly honest with you: there is no one-size-fits all cure for low conversion rates. This is not another '7 proven tactics' listicle post that prescribes a universal cookie-cutter recipe for success. Before you start working on improving your conversion rates, you need to (brace yourself for the cliche!) - start with the why. But...

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Product \ User Onboarding
The Ultimate Guide to Hacking Your SaaS Free Trial Conversion Rates
December 4, 2018

Today, I'll give you some guidance on how to hack your free trial conversion rate. This will help you convert more of your trial users into your most loyal customers. But before you can convert free users into paying customers, there’s one unspoken rule. You need to do whatever it takes to help your users become badass in your product. Only then, you can optimize for conversions to your heart's content, but please don’t skip the first...

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