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4 SaaS Growth Metrics Every Company Should Track
April 2, 2021

In my experience, SaaS founders are often overwhelmed by the topic of growth metrics. They tend to take one of two approaches: Ignore metrics completely, or Look at all the metrics under the sun, and have no sense of patterns. Both approaches are equally wrong. You can’t ignore growth metrics. And if you look at too many, you will be overwhelmed and stuck in analysis paralysis mode. In this article, we’ll show you what...

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Product Experience
The Best Online Engagement Software for SaaS in 2021
March 15, 2021

Let’s face it: engagement may be a key requirement for product growth, but your customers...don’t want to be engaged. In this article, we’ve compiled all the best tools you need to boost customer engagement and categorized them according to the user behavior metrics outlined in the AARRR framework. "Your customers aren’t in it to be engaged. They’re looking to be entertained." - This rolled off the tongue of Mathew Sweezey,...

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Customer Success
Customer Lifecycle Marketing Guide: How SaaS Companies Can Optimize for Each Stage
January 29, 2020

For SaaS companies, keeping customers onboarded and engaged is the name of the game. On the most basic level, it just makes sense: The longer your customers stay onboard, the more revenue they create for your business and the more you can spend on acquiring new customers. What’s more, your users’ level of engagement will typically increase as they become more acclimated with your services. This leads your long-term “power-users” to provide...

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