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The SaaS Guide to Customer Segmentation: Are you doing it right?
February 8, 2021

Why is customer segmentation so important for your SaaS? A small number of customers could be your main contributors to revenue and have the highest growth potential. Yet, you might be focusing on the larger group of customers that helped establish your product but are slowing churning. Understanding which customers to retain comes down to how you segment. Are you segmenting based on ARR value alone?Is the activity log your primary resource...

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Product Experience \ User Onboarding
The Analytics Black Hole or The Bottleneck: What’s Stopping you from Solving Your Users’ Pain? + Grab our FREE User Journey Template!
February 4, 2021

In the mission to solve your users’ most significant pain points, a user journey template can be your greatest asset. Sure, user personas are helpful. But they don’t answer where the sources of friction are coming from as your users explore your product. Nor are they fluid enough to accurately capture their journey. Unfortunately, user journey mapping can be a long and arduous process that requires support from all of your stakeholders...

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Product Experience
What is Considered a Good NPS Score and How To Improve It?
January 9, 2021

Before we get into what is considered a good NPS score, we have some good news and some bad news. We will get the hard news out of the way first: what a good NPS (or Net Promoter Score) is depends on your industry. Some industries like SaaS will have an average NPS of 30.While others like education will score on average around 70. You have to compare your NPS to your industry benchmark as well as your competitors and see where you rank....

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Product Management
Women in Product, Women in SaaS - Stories from 9 Inspiring Female Influencers in Tech
March 6, 2020

As a team supporting diversity and women in tech - we decided to use the International Women's Day as an opportunity to showcase some of the best talent in the industry - and interviewed the top female Product Managers, Product Owners and SaaS founders and CEOs. For one - to inspire other women to take up this profession, and celebrate the amazing women who have succeeded in this demanding role despite the odds - often juggling the fast-paced...

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Product Experience
5 Customer Education Ideas to Reduce SaaS Churn
February 7, 2020

Customer education should be one of your biggest priorities. Why? Because it improves customer retention and reduces churn. That’s every SaaS company’s dream, right? A study by Bain and Co. found that a mere 5% reduction in churn can lead to a profit increase of 25-125%. That’s a massive gain for a little amount of work. One of the biggest reasons that customers churn is that they don’t know how to use your product. They end up getting no...

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Customer Success
How to Improve Customer Satisfaction in SaaS
January 23, 2019

Customer satisfaction is an integral part of any SaaS business. There's a popular misconception that customer satisfaction is pretty much the same thing as customer service. However, there’s a lot more to it than that when it comes to product-led SaaS businesses. You need to know how to improve customer satisfaction if you want to scale. Customer satisfaction is versatile and complex, which is why you need to make sure that your users don’t...

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