What is Customer Engagement?

What is Customer Engagement?

Customer engagement is an interaction between a customer and a company through various offline or online channels. The goal is to delight them with a unique and personalized experience at each point of the user journey and foster long-lasting relationships.

Anything from signing up, completing an onboarding checklist, upgrading the account, to completing a microsurvey and canceling an account can be considered as an engagement.

Why is Customer Engagement important?

Signing up for your SaaS software is the first step you expect your customers to take. To maintain a high ,LTV, you want your subscribers to ,keep renewing their subscriptions. Engaging your audience with your products and brands is the best way to ensure that.

Here are a few reasons why you should care about customer engagement:

  • A successful customer engagement strategy will keep your brand in the forefront of your customers’ minds during the decision-making process. In addition, you’ll be able to make them more responsive to your marketing efforts.
  • Positive exchanges improve the overall customer experience and contribute to building emotional bonds between you and your customers.
  • As a result, you’ll retain more users and increase your company profits as loyal customers spend more money with you.

Do you need tools for Customer Engagement?

Wondering why you even need a customer experience management tool?

To provide a stellar customer experience, you need to have a customer experience management tool in your stack.

Now let’s see what customer experience management tool can offer to you:

In short, if you want to optimize your customers’ experiences along their journey, then a customer experience management tool is all you need.

What are the best tools for Customer Engagement?

Are you having trouble choosing the right tool for boosting your customer engagement? We have compiled a list of the best tools on the market you should try.

The best customer engagement tools for SaaS include the following:

  • Userpilot: best customer engagement tool for automated onboarding and personalized in-app guidance
  • Userguiding: best customer engagement tool for user onboarding on a budget
  • Appcues: customer engagement tool for product adoption
  • Whatfix: customer engagement tool for product adoption
  • Chameleon: customer engagement tool for user feedback

Let’s dive deeper into how each stacks up for different company sizes, budgets, and jobs to be done!

What are the must have features of Customer Engagement tools?

Consider the following minimum set of features before selecting a customer engagement tool:

    • Advanced segmentation capabilities: Look into getting decent segmentation capabilities based on in-app behavior and in-app experience engagement so you can properly personalize your messaging for each segment.
    • Customer support options: The engagement platform has to balance self-serve and human customer support. For self-service, the option to create in-app Resource Centers for your new clients with multimedia content hubs, knowledge base articles, video tutorials, and case studies would be great.
    • Product analytics: This is another “must have” that a decent customer engagement tool should provide. Gain insights into product usage data to understand your customers better. Look for a tool that allows you to track how users progress through the journey, and how they engage with the product’s features and give you at least basic functionality to collect and analyze feedback
    • Integrations with other tools: If the tools don’t provide product analytics options, they should at least have integrations with other tools so you can get better insights on your data in one place.

Check out how Userpilot helps you with Customer Engagement!

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