What is Customer Experience Management?

What is Customer Experience Management?

CXM, or customer experience management, is the process of understanding customer needs and reacting to their interactions with the aim of increased customer satisfaction.
Simply put, the goal of CXM is to understand customer perception, assess customer loyalty, and create action plans to resolve CX issues.

Why is Customer Experience Management important?

The importance of customer experience management (CXM) is undeniable. It has a lot of benefits that SaaS companies can take advantage of
Here is why customer experience management matters:

  • Improves customer loyalty and turns your users into brand advocates through meaningful interactions
  • Strenghtens brand image and creates a competitive advantage as customers feel accomplished and don’t look for alternatives
  • Reduces churn and increases retention as satisfied customers stay
  • Additionally, it impacts the account expansion as loyal customers are more likely to upgrade their accounts and buy add-ons

Do you need tools for Customer Experience Management?

Wondering why you even need a customer experience management tool?

To provide a stellar customer experience, you need to have a customer experience management tool in your stack.

Now let’s see what customer experience management tool can offer to you:

In short, if you want to optimize your customers’ experiences along their journey, then a customer experience management tool is all you need.

What are the best tools for Customer Experience Management?

What is the best customer experience management tool for my SaaS? You might think, right?

Here are the five best tools that you should consider:

  • Userpilot – for creating microsurveys and advanced segmentation
  • Appcues – for building personalized onboarding experiences for mobile users
  • Userguiding – for tracking in-app interactions and collecting customer data on budget
  • Pendo – for detailed product and user analytics
  • Chameleon – for creating contextual in-product surveys

Let’s dive deeper into how each stacks up for different company sizes, budgets, and jobs to be done!

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What are the must have features of Customer Experience Management tools?

Before deciding which customer experience management tool works best, you should understand what features any solid tool must provide.

Here’s what to look for before making a buying decision:

  • Make sure the tool you choose supports a variety of UI patterns so you can create nice interactive walkthroughs and onboarding flows for your customers. And all of these without writing a single line of code.
  • You should also be able to track in-app interactions such as clicks, and hovers to see what customers are doing in the product and act accordingly.
  • Monitor their progress and detect friction points that block the customer journey.
  • Product analytics with filtering options and custom attributes is another feature that will be beneficial for you.
  • Not to mention different types of micro-surveys such as NPS, CSAT, CES to collect contextual feedback and make an analysis to optimize the customer experience.

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