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The Analytics Black Hole or The Bottleneck: What’s Stopping you from Solving Your Users’ Pain? + Grab our FREE User Journey Template!
February 4, 2021

In the mission to solve your users’ most significant pain points, a user journey template can be your greatest asset. Sure, user personas are helpful. But they don’t answer where the sources of friction are coming from as your users explore your product. Nor are they fluid enough to accurately capture their journey. Unfortunately, user journey mapping can be a long and arduous process that requires support from all of your stakeholders...

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Product Experience
Why You Need To Do More Product Experiments (And How To Do Them Right)
September 9, 2020

Product experiments help product managers and their users get better results. It’s that simple. You need to be running them. In this blog, we’ll show you WHY and HOW. Source: apptimize.com Experimentation and A/B testing are bread and butter in marketing, but in product...it gets complicated. While most marketers are familiar and well-equipped with code-free tools that allow them to run such experiments, product managers often think they...

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