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The Best User Behavior Analytics Software for SaaS
June 9, 2021

Tracking user behavior is more than just tracking conversion rates. You need to clearly understand how different users engage with your product through qualitative and quantitative methods. In this article, we’ll help you understand how you can measure user behavior, the best tools out there, and how to implement the collected data. Table of Contents What is user behavior analytics? Why is user behavior analytics important for SaaS? How to...

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The 8 Best Product Roadmap Tools of 2021 (Free or Paid)
June 4, 2021

Roadmapping is a crucial part of every product manager’s role, but it’s safe to say a lot of PMs don’t particularly enjoy it. Luckily, there are some excellent product roadmap tools / planning tools out there to help make it more bearable. If you like this list, visit the Userpilot blog for more product management and planning resources. Let's dive in! The product roadmap tools we’re going to look at are: Airfocus Wrike Aha! ...

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5 Key User Retention Metrics for SaaS [+ How to Measure and Improve Them]
May 27, 2021

You probably all know the famous study that claims increasing user retention metrics by only 5% can increase profits by as much as 25-125%. And it makes sense - in a subscription business model, most of your revenue comes from recurring purchases - aka retaining your users - not from the new acquisitions. So improving your user retention metrics can make or break the success of your product marketing efforts. Let’s take an all-angle look at the...

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8 B2B SaaS Marketing Tactics to Try in 2021 [Ft. Hubspot, Neil Patel, Kontentino & More!]
May 19, 2021

The B2B SaaS marketing space can feel a lot like an echo chamber. You hear many people chanting the same things about how this one specific tactic gave them +1000% in ROI, and then you look at your own strategy and wonder why it’s all crickets. SaaS marketers need to move fast and break things, but rather than jumping from one ‘shiny new growth hack’ to another, stick to a few tried and tested tactics first. In this post, we’ll go over...

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4 SaaS Growth Metrics Every Company Should Track
April 2, 2021

In my experience, SaaS founders are often overwhelmed by the topic of growth metrics. They tend to take one of two approaches: Ignore metrics completely, or Look at all the metrics under the sun, and have no sense of patterns. Both approaches are equally wrong. You can’t ignore growth metrics. And if you look at too many, you will be overwhelmed and stuck in analysis paralysis mode. In this article, we’ll show you what...

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What Is Product Marketing and Why You Should Care
February 20, 2020

The new trend of product-led growth in the SaaS world flips the old marketing and sales rulebooks on their heads. Product marketing is a large part of this shift. With software development becoming cheaper and more and more democratized, the competition in the SaaS market has become fierce. And so - the purchasing decisions are now made by the end-user - not execs. From: BUILD. Product-Led Growth. The End-User Era. In recent years,...

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How to Improve Product Experience and Scale your SaaS
February 13, 2020

Product experience is fast becoming one of the most important things to consider when it comes to growing your SaaS company. It has a direct impact on how users interact and engage with your company. It affects retention and churn, MRR and CLV. In short, it’s really important. That’s why we’ve put together this guide. We’re going to explain exactly what product experience means, why you need to start caring about it, and steps you can take...

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How to Increase Product Adoption For Your SaaS
November 13, 2019

You can spend thousands of $$$ on marketing, hours fine-tuning your sales funnel, and yet, no results? Why? Well, most likely it’s because you need to improve your product adoption. Product adoption is crucial to the success of any SaaS product. I don’t just mean it’s what separates the good from the great, I mean it separates those that survive and those that don’t. This might sound like I’m exaggerating. But, as you’re about to see, if...

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