How to Use AI to Improve The Customer Experience in SaaS

By leveraging AI-powered solutions, SaaS companies can unlock a myriad of opportunities to enhance customer satisfaction, engagement, and overall user experience.

In this article we’ll look at 10 ways to leverage AI in SaaS, specifically focusing on how it can revolutionize business processes and improve the customer experience.


  • AI in customer experience refers to the use of AI technologies to enhance and improve the interactions between businesses and their customers. It involves leveraging AI to better understand customer preferences, analyzing data, automating processes, and delivering personalized experiences.
  • AI and machine learning can help boost customer retention, provide quick responses via chatbots, and drive self-service.

Here are a few ways to do this:

  • Using artificial intelligence to answer customers’ questions via natural language processing (NLP), you can speed up customer support.
  • Chatbots can use NLP to rank tickets based on priority and allocate them to the right customer service reps.
  • To improve the experience of a customer’s self-servicing answers, you can train a chatbot on your resource center to recommend the right articles.
  • Artificial intelligence can help you translate your product‘s content to remove language barriers and use localization to improve communication.
  • AI technology can improve the customer experience by generating video tutorials to educate and engage users.
  • You can use artificial intelligence to analyze customer data and predict customer behavior to help minimize churn.
  • Use machine learning to perform sentiment analysis on customer feedback to identify pain points you can improve.

AI-powered tools that help you improve customer experience:

  • Userpilot’s new AI writing assistant helps you generate, edit, or improve content for onboarding in-app messages.
  • Freshchat can help you launch artificial intelligence chatbots to assist self-serve customers on your website, app, and messaging channels.
  • Synthesia helps you to create professional-looking artificial intelligence-generated videos in 15 minutes.
  • Want faster and improved content for your SaaS? Try Userpilot’s AI-powered WYSIWYG builder. See how it works by booking a demo.

What is AI in customer experience?

AI in customer experience refers to the use of artificial intelligence and other technologies and techniques to enhance and optimize the interactions between businesses and their customers.

It involves leveraging AI-powered tools, algorithms, and other data collection and analysis to gain deeper insights into customer behavior, preferences, and needs, and to deliver personalized and seamless experiences at scale.

AI can be applied across various customer touchpoints and stages of the customer journey. Ultimately, AI empowers businesses to deliver more personalized, efficient, and proactive experiences, fostering stronger customer relationships and driving business growth.

Why should you use AI and machine learning to enhance customer experience?

You should use AI to enhance the customer experience for several compelling reasons:

  • Personalization: AI enables you to deliver highly personalized experiences to customers. AI algorithms can analyze customer data and identify individual preferences, behaviors, and needs, allowing you to tailor products, services, and interactions accordingly. Personalization, in turn, leads to higher customer satisfaction, increased engagement, and stronger brand loyalty.
  • Automation and scalability: AI-powered automation and chatbots can handle a significant volume of customer inquiries and tasks, reducing the burden on human agents. This helps automate customer interactions, streamlines processes, and ensures round-the-clock availability, enhancing overall customer service efficiency.
  • Enhanced customer engagement: AI technologies, such as chatbots and virtual assistants, can engage customers in interactive and conversational experiences. By providing instant and personalized responses to customer inquiries, you can foster a deeper connection and engagement with your customers.

Overall, enhancing the customer experience with AI enables businesses to deliver personalized, efficient, proactive, and data-driven interactions. By meeting and exceeding customer expectations, you can foster customer loyalty, enable brands to drive customer satisfaction, and boost customer retention.

10 Ways AI can improve customer experience

Let’s get to the action part. We’ve compiled a list of actionable tactics on how to leverage AI to improve customer experience.

Transform your in-app microcopy with AI

Leveraging AI in the content creation process of your onboarding flows enables product teams to streamline their workflows, freeing them from the arduous task of writing and refining content manually.

Moreover, using AI for your content creation can give you ideas to accept or to work from. AI can write the copy for you, taking only a prompt and providing content you can accept, modify, or discard.

Let’s look at a tooltip’s microcopy.

Using Userpilot’s AI for user onboarding.

Once you’ve added a prompt, you can accept the suggestion or expand, rewrite, and edit the copy.

Userpilot’s AI for user onboarding can write copy based on a prompt.

Improve customer experience with chatbots using AI to give immediate responses

It can be frustrating for a user if they are stuck on a problem they need to solve now and have to wait for someone to respond to their question.

To avoid these delays, you can use chatbots powered by AI.

Chatbots can use natural language processing to understand a customer’s question and direct them to resources that can help them.

Using AI-powered bots helps to provide personalized assistance and accurately answer customer questions, ridding you of long response times that can create a negative experience. They also help save customer service agents time by handling simple customer issues.


Use natural language processing to prioritize support tickets

Natural Language Processing (NLP) can significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of support ticket management by intelligently connecting incoming tickets with the most appropriate agents. NLP, a branch of AI, enables computers to understand and interpret human language, allowing for automated ticket routing and optimization of agent allocation.

This means that when a support ticket is submitted, the NLP system analyzes the text content of the ticket, extracting key information such as the customer’s issue, urgency level, and any relevant keywords or phrases.

Then categorizes the tickets based on their content and assigns them to relevant ticket categories or topics. This classification helps to streamline the routing process and ensures that tickets reach the appropriate support channels.

By leveraging NLP to connect support tickets with the right agents, businesses can enhance the customer experience by reducing response times, improving issue resolution rates, and maximizing the utilization of their support team’s skills.

Drive self-service with personalized assistance

When you receive a support question repeatedly, you should consider automating a response to that to reduce the time it takes for the issue to be resolved. Chatbots can help here but you can also consider creating and placing educational content in your resource center so customers can find it and self-serve it.

With tools like Syntesia, you can leverage AI to create educational videos that you can embed in your resource center and enhance customer experience. You can easily create your in-app resource center with Userpilot and add different types of support resources, including videos.

An example of a resource center from Userpilot
An example of a resource center from Userpilot.

Provide multilingual support throughout the customer journey

Language barriers can cause friction for people when using your SaaS.

Rather than having to pay someone to translate all parts of your product in many different languages (or worse, not even bother), you can use AI to help with your product localization strategy.

A localization tool can translate UI copy for you so your products feel natural regardless of the user’s language or cultural background.

To go a step above this, look into localizing your in-app experiences too. For example, Userpilot allows you to localize NPS surveys, feedback surveys, and any in-app UI pattern (tooltips, modals etc) with a click of a button.

Userpilot’s localization options
Userpilot’s localization options.

Create video tutorials to educate users

Video tutorials are a great way to provide clear and easy-to-understand instructions to demonstrate your product’s use. They can let users learn at their own pace and can help lower the burden on the customer support team.

AI-powered technology such as Synthesia can make creating video tutorials straightforward. Creating videos of good production value can be expensive and take time. Synthesia can speed up the process and generate video guides simply by typing in the text.

A video of a video tutorial creating with Synthesia part of how to use AI to improve the customer experience
Using Synthesia videos in Userpilot.

Deliver personalized customer experience

Personalizing your customer’s experience can increase customer engagement and satisfaction. You can do this by recommending products, services, or features based on previous customer interactions.

To streamline this personalization process, you can use AI to analyze customer behavior, demographics, and personal preferences and highlight relevant products and resources during onboarding.

Predict customer behavior to minimize churn

Through predictive analytics, you can use statistical algorithms and machine learning to analyze past customers and find sticking points or patterns to why customers have churned.

You can also predict customers’ future behaviors by tracking their in-app engagement and then using that data to identify opportunities for improvement.

Advanced product analytics tools like Amplitude offer this functionality. The downside is that you only get to analyze data points. Ideally, you’d want a tool that also lets you act on the data to proactively remove friction and enhance customer experience. Userpilot offers in-depth product analytics and will soon be adding AI functionality for analyzing behavior too.

Perform sentiment analysis on customer feedback

All customer feedback can help you to improve your product, from whatever channel you collect it from. It could be directly from a customer via an NPS survey, third-party review sites, or social media posts for analysis.

You can perform sentiment analysis by collecting data from multiple channels.

Machine learning algorithms can help you learn about customer pain points and issues without you having to do it manually. It can also categorize them accordingly, making analyzing and finding where to improve your product easier.

Examples of the different levels of sentiment analysis
The different types of sentiment analysis.

Artificial intelligence tools you can use to improve customer experience

Here are three great AI tools that you can use to help you improve your SaaS customer experience.


Userpilot’s AI writing feature is seamlessly integrated into its intuitive WYSIWYG editor. This technology accelerates the content creation process, eliminating the need for hours spent brainstorming and fine-tuning UI patterns like tooltips, modals, and onboarding messages.

With just a simple click you can generate tailored copy, expand or enhance existing content, correct spelling and grammar errors, or even provide concise summaries. This capability saves valuable time and ensures that the generated copy aligns with the desired tone and messaging goals.

By leveraging AI in the content creation process you can focus your efforts on other crucial aspects of product development.

Userpilot is also launching AI for product usage and customer feedback analysis soon. (expected in Q3 of 2023). Get a Userpilot demo to learn more.

Userpilot’s AI for in-app microcopy.


Freshchat is an AI chatbot that can help you engage with your customer on any channel. It provides customer support teams with a unified inbox, wherever the customer messages, so they don’t have to switch between systems.

The AI helps to understand when it’s time to hand the issues over to an agent to ensure the customer gets the best experience. And Freshchat uses AI to proactively solve potential users’ problems, helping customers before they reach out for support.

Freshchat web widget chatbot
Freshchat web widget chatbot.


Synthesia is a cutting-edge AI technology that can help you create videos from a line of text and supports up to 120 languages.

You can select from numerous AI avatars and narration and fully customize the videos to your brand by changing colors and uploading company logos. Synthesia integrates with Userpilot so you can embed AI-generated videos directly into your onboarding process.

Create onboarding videos with Synthesia.


This article has shown you how to use AI to improve the customer experience and some tools to get you started.

Get started with Userpilot’s AI technology to assist you with content creation to help inspire ideas for text sections in your SaaS, check for spelling and grammar errors, and show you ways to improve the existing text.

If you want a demo on the AI-powered WYSIWYG builder, book a demo now.

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