The Best NPS Sentiment Analysis Tool in 2023

nps sentiment analysis tool for saas

The net promoter score is more than just a vanity metric. You can derive actionable insight from your user feedback.

Being able to use an NPS sentiment analysis tool is crucial for steering campaigns toward the right path.

Getting clarity on feedback can mean the difference between changing up product features vs a few in-app guidance experiences.


  • When you see which paths and features make your users happy, you can use those insights to guide other users to those ‘desired behavior patterns’ in your onboarding, and vice versa.
  • Userpilot is the best NPS sentiment analysis tool out there right now
  • Userpilot allows you to collect and take action on feedback in the form of in-app experiences, experience flows, resource centers and more
  • Ultimately, acting on user sentiment improves customer experience, boosts your brand loyalty, and cuts down customer churn rates


First, why should you care about your Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

55% of companies around the world use NPS to measure customer loyalty and satisfaction. And yet, very few actually make any use of their NPS (other than bragging about it in meetings):

Social media post mocking NPS vanity metrics.

When you see what makes your users happy, you can use these insights to guide other users to these ‘desired behavior patterns’ in your onboarding. Vice versa for undesired behaviour patterns.

Thus, NPS can inform your user onboarding and product development, and most importantly, help you reduce your churn and increase retention. 

Choosing the best NPS sentiment analysis tool

Every SaaS business is a bit different in terms of needs, but generally, your NPS tool should be able to:

  • deploy in-app or on your website
  • allow for follow-up questions 
  • collect unlimited responses
  • tag/flag responses
  • allow user segmentation
  • automate replies based on what the user responds

For SaaS-oriented NPS data collection and sentiment analysis, we recommend Userpilot.

You might say we are biased, but using a tool that allows you to both collect and act on NPS data can be pretty valuable.

Want to build in-app NPS surveys and improve your product? Get a Userpilot demo and start now!

PROs of using Userpilot as your go-to NPS survey tool:

  • no limit to the responses you can collect
  • branded surveys with quantitative and qualitative feedback collection
  • advanced user segmentation
  • no-code NPS survey creation
  • responses tagging/flagging, analytics, sentiment analysis
  • automate in-app experiences based on your tags

CONs of using Userpilot as your go-to NPS survey tool:

  • can only run surveys in-app or on your website
  • not suitable for mobile app businesses

NPS sentiment analysis with Userpilot

We have an in-depth blog post on how to collect your NPS data here.

Essentially, we go over why it’s important to formulate your questions according to where your customers are in their user journey, examples, and how you can get a little more insight using follow-up questions in-app.

Now, follow-up questions lead to open-ended answers, which you need to tag for carrying out sentiment analysis.

A tag is a label you can create and optionally assign to individual responses. This allows you to filter the responses, share, and perform trend analysis.

sentiment analysis with tags userpilot

Userpilot lets you group the NPS survey responses into separate themes so that you can learn what makes your customers loyal and what does not.

You can further analyze the open-ended answers by quantifying them.

Segmenting the responses lets you quantify the results and give context to the NPS numbers.

For instance, you may find that 90% of the promoters love your product’s usability, or that 80% of the detractors have issues with your customer support.

These results make it possible to make data-driven decisions. You can modify your sales and marketing strategies to address all complaints and optimize user experiences.

Taking action on your NPS sentiment analysis results

Contextual, in-app NPS surveys have made it possible to track user satisfaction over time, helping you gather valuable user feedback for product improvements and churn prevention. The most important part is taking action from the feedback!

Want to get started with collecting and actioning on user feedback with Userpilot? Get a Demo today!

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