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How To Create The Best SaaS Onboarding Checklist Template [With Examples]
June 11, 2021

Onboarding checklists are a game changer when it comes to getting SaaS users to the activation point. They employ a psychological phenomenon known as the Zeigarnik effect to push more users towards the activation point. And creating your own reusable onboarding checklist template allows your product team to be more agile by leveraging the power of checklists throughout the user journey - without calling your devs for help. Creating a solid...

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5 Key User Retention Metrics for SaaS [+ How to Measure and Improve Them]
May 27, 2021

You probably all know the famous study that claims increasing user retention metrics by only 5% can increase profits by as much as 25-125%. And it makes sense - in a subscription business model, most of your revenue comes from recurring purchases - aka retaining your users - not from the new acquisitions. So improving your user retention metrics can make or break the success of your product marketing efforts. Let’s take an all-angle look at the...

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Top 10 SaaS Customer Onboarding Software Solutions
April 29, 2021

A product without customer onboarding software is a lot like attending a dinner party where you don’t know anyone and haven’t been welcomed in. It’s a little awkward and a lot more effort on your part to try and have a good time. A majority of consumers experience that same lack of introduction during SaaS onboarding. That’s why KBCM reports that nearly 20% of SaaS companies have an average contract length of less than one...

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Product Experience
Measuring User Engagement Experiences to Drive Product-Led Growth
March 10, 2021

Part of the concept behind product-led growth is to understand where users are finding value in your product and to drive user engagement upwards. But before you start pointing people in all kinds of different directions, you need to get an overall picture of how people are engaging with your app and where potential points of friction exist. Measuring user engagement at different points of the user journey can help you create a product adoption...

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The SaaS Guide to Customer Segmentation: Are you doing it right?
February 8, 2021

Why is customer segmentation so important for your SaaS? A small number of customers could be your main contributors to revenue and have the highest growth potential. Yet, you might be focusing on the larger group of customers that helped establish your product but are slowing churning. Understanding which customers to retain comes down to how you segment. Are you segmenting based on ARR value alone?Is the activity log your primary resource...

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The Ultimate Guide to Self-Serve Onboarding in the Product-Led Era
June 4, 2020

  In Product-Led Era, it's not great marketing and sleek sales pages that determine the success of your product. Rand Fishkin, the founder of MOZ, learnt the hard way: Simultaneously two competitors in the market - one, a secretive operation based in the Ukraine and Singapore called "Ahrefs", and the other, a British firm founded by a passionate Russian engineer whose initial goal had been to build an alternative to Google's search engine...

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How Great User Onboarding Generates 10X Customer Value in SaaS?
December 6, 2018

I see it time and time again. Companies, particularly startups, foregoing user onboarding in favor of just throwing money into paid acquisition channels, or devoting weeks to the latest spammy growth hacks which get them a handful of customer who rarely lasts more than a few months. They do everything except focusing on user onboarding in their operations. The problem in almost every case is that these companies don’t put the work in where...

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Good UX Inspiration \ User Onboarding
8 Companies with the Best SaaS Onboarding Experiences
November 15, 2018

UX or CS teams who are trying to improve their SaaS user onboarding experience often ask us: Which software companies have the best user onboarding experiences? Who can we turn to for some inspiration? The answer isn't always so straightforward. When it comes to onboarding a new user, the experience must be obsessively aligned with providing that first moment of value.  The problem is that every SaaS is unique, each with their own Aha! Moment....

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