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[CASE STUDY] How Getcraft saved weeks of dev time, and doubled their user activation rate with Segment and Userpilot (with zero coding)
April 9, 2020

Have you ever stopped using a product you've signed up for because you didn't know how to complete your profile and what to do next? GetCraft, a premium creative network connecting freelance creatives with people looking for their services in South-East Asia, was running into that problem quite often. A user would sign-up, and then - trip themselves up while filling in the product - and either write to support for help or never come...

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User Onboarding
What Can You Learn from StoryChief's Onboarding?
December 19, 2018

Although an early stage SaaS, StoryChief really impressed me with their User Onboarding. I went ahead and asked them about their experience & learning. I recently interviewed folks at StoryChief. We recently teared down the user onboarding of 5 SaaS companies and Storychief was one of them. 1 - What is StoryChief? What problems are you solving? StoryChief is all about making content marketing easier and accessible for everyone…from creating...

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