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The 12 Best Product Marketing Software for SaaS in 2021
April 21, 2021

Put simply, good product marketing software helps your SaaS solve two fundamental problems: Build a product that users love on the basis of customer feedbackAcquire and retain users of that product Although these are fundamental issues in any business, the term “product marketer” is itself still fairly new, and defined slightly differently from business to business. Having the right software at your disposal can make product marketing...

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LTV/CAC - What Does The LTV:CAC Ratio Mean For Your SaaS?
April 16, 2021

“What is the true value of my customers?” You can measure this value using the LTV:CAC ratio, or the Customer Lifetime Value to Customer Acquisition Cost ratio. If you’re running a SaaS business, this might be a common calculation you make. After all, it’s the value you derive from customers that keep the light on. The LTV/CAC metric measures if the revenue your customers generate for your business justifies the effort you put into...

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What Is Customer Segmentation?
April 10, 2021

  Source: me.me More often than not, what one user cares about is of little or no interest to another user. This article will give practical answers to these important questions. Contents What is Customer Segmentation? Why is Customer Segmentation important for SaaS? What does the Customer Segmentation Process look like? What models can be used for Customer Segmentation? How do...

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Why You Need A Product Marketer Right Now & How To Hire Them
October 29, 2020

Product Marketing is a fairly new domain and the role of ‘Product Marketing Manager’ differs greatly from organization to organization. To help the confused folks considering hiring a Product Marketer (and the equally confused folks trying to get a job as one) - we’ve interviewed 10+ Product Marketers and come up with a guide to the role, skills and hiring a rockstar Product Marketing Manager! We’ve covered all the bases from how a product...

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What Is Product Marketing and Why You Should Care
February 20, 2020

The new trend of product-led growth in the SaaS world flips the old marketing and sales rulebooks on their heads. Product marketing is a large part of this shift. With software development becoming cheaper and more and more democratized, the competition in the SaaS market has become fierce. And so - the purchasing decisions are now made by the end-user - not execs. From: BUILD. Product-Led Growth. The End-User Era. In recent years,...

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The Ultimate In-App Marketing Guide for Product Marketers in 2020
July 16, 2019

In-app marketing - Everyone's doing it in bits and pieces. This guide will give you a holistic idea of in-app marketing, what to improve and how to attract, acquire and retain more users. Did you know that it's 9x cheaper to retain existing customers as opposed to finding new ones? How about the fact that it's 4x cheaper to upsell to current users? Ultimately, using in-app marketing to retain customers and upsell to your users is a no-brainer. It...

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