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How To Create The Best SaaS Onboarding Checklist Template [With Examples]
June 11, 2021

Onboarding checklists are a game changer when it comes to getting SaaS users to the activation point. They employ a psychological phenomenon known as the Zeigarnik effect to push more users towards the activation point. And creating your own reusable onboarding checklist template allows your product team to be more agile by leveraging the power of checklists throughout the user journey - without calling your devs for help. Creating a solid...

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6 Tips To Create The Perfect User Onboarding Checklist
May 25, 2021

When it comes to improving product adoption, one of the most effective tools at your disposal is the user onboarding checklist. A great checklist guides your users through various tasks. It helps them identify key features of your product, and it means they start getting value from it right away. Building a checklist is easy. Tools like Userpilot can help you implement one into your product in no time at all (and without coding). Building a...

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What Is Customer Segmentation?
April 10, 2021

  Source: me.me More often than not, what one user cares about is of little or no interest to another user. This article will give practical answers to these important questions. Contents What is Customer Segmentation? Why is Customer Segmentation important for SaaS? What does the Customer Segmentation Process look like? What models can be used for Customer Segmentation? How do...

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What Can You Learn from StoryChief's Onboarding?
December 19, 2018

Although an early stage SaaS, StoryChief really impressed me with their User Onboarding. I went ahead and asked them about their experience & learning. I recently interviewed folks at StoryChief. We recently teared down the user onboarding of 5 SaaS companies and Storychief was one of them. 1 - What is StoryChief? What problems are you solving? StoryChief is all about making content marketing easier and accessible for everyone…from creating...

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