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How To Create The Best SaaS Onboarding Checklist Template [With Examples]
June 11, 2021

Onboarding checklists are a game changer when it comes to getting SaaS users to the activation point. They employ a psychological phenomenon known as the Zeigarnik effect to push more users towards the activation point. And creating your own reusable onboarding checklist template allows your product team to be more agile by leveraging the power of checklists throughout the user journey - without calling your devs for help. Creating a solid...

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Product Marketing
What You Need To Know About The Product Marketing Manager Role and Responsibilities
May 31, 2021

The product marketing manager role has been growing steadily over the two decades: And no wonder - the exponential growth of the SaaS industry, combined with the Product-Led Growth trend created a lot more demand for (and awareness of) product marketing. Everyone wants to grow organically through great product experience. But what does the average “SaaS Product Marketing Manager Role” entail? What should you expect of your PMM? What...

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5 Key User Retention Metrics for SaaS [+ How to Measure and Improve Them]
May 27, 2021

You probably all know the famous study that claims increasing user retention metrics by only 5% can increase profits by as much as 25-125%. And it makes sense - in a subscription business model, most of your revenue comes from recurring purchases - aka retaining your users - not from the new acquisitions. So improving your user retention metrics can make or break the success of your product marketing efforts. Let’s take an all-angle look at the...

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The Ultimate Guide To Product Onboarding For SaaS
May 27, 2021

Love it or hate it, one thing is clear: product onboarding is an important driver of activation and retention in SaaS businesses. If you see onboarding in the broader sense as customer education, there are few things more essential than educating your customer about how to derive value from your product. But product onboarding is a massive topic with lots of moving parts. And if you’re new to the subject, most of the posts about onboarding online...

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11 Best Growth Marketing Software for SaaS
May 24, 2021

Growth marketing involves experimentation and optimization across the marketing funnels. Marketers today are moving from the traditional “set and forget” approach to a continually evolving growth-focused approach. According to Ryan Holiday, author of Growth Hacker Marketing, being a growth marketer is about “throwing out the playbook of traditional marketing and replacing it with only what is testable, trackable, and scalable.” But...

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Customer Onboarding Tools That Take Your Product To The Next Level
May 18, 2021

Customer onboarding is an integral part of any SaaS business, and so we thought we'd share some of the best customer onboarding tools in this tools round up. First, let's consider the differences between customer onboarding and user onboarding... Customer Onboarding Vs. User Onboarding When people think of onboarding, they often think of the user onboarding side of things. They think of product walkthroughs, tooltips, checklists. This means they...

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User Onboarding
How To Create Good Onboarding Surveys for SaaS
May 14, 2021

Growing numbers of SaaS companies are adding an onboarding survey to their customer sign-up flows. Those that do often gain insights into the needs of their customers, which ultimately translate into an improved product experience for users, higher activation and greater retention. But what distinguishes a good onboarding survey from other types of business intelligence? What types of questions should SaaS include, and why? This article will...

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Top 10 SaaS Customer Onboarding Software Solutions
April 29, 2021

A product without customer onboarding software is a lot like attending a dinner party where you don’t know anyone and haven’t been welcomed in. It’s a little awkward and a lot more effort on your part to try and have a good time. A majority of consumers experience that same lack of introduction during SaaS onboarding. That’s why KBCM reports that nearly 20% of SaaS companies have an average contract length of less than one...

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Product Management
How to Build An Amazing SaaS Product Walkthrough (with Examples)
March 24, 2021

If you’re a long-time product manager, you’ll know that your product walkthrough can make or break your SaaS business. The key objective of a good product walkthrough is to promptly direct the user to their first “Aha Moment,” thereby maximizing the odds of both activation and Day 1 retention. Ideally your walkthrough is an interactive one so that the user is engaged and feels like they are an active part of the process. If you’re...

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User Onboarding
How Much Help is Too Much Help? Less is More. How to Use Custom Events to Avoid Frustrating Tooltip Overload in SaaS
March 1, 2021

I was walking near my house this week when I noticed a couple of construction workers putting up these 'Quiet please' notices on the walls: I stopped and couldn't help but think 'Duuude. You don't need to cover the whole wall with them. One or two would do the trick. *Seven* just turn the wall into a yellow eye-sore, without actually increasing the effectiveness.'  This reminded me of the experience I've had with some SaaS tools....

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