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Customer Onboarding Tools That Take Your Product To The Next Level
May 18, 2021

Customer onboarding is an integral part of any SaaS business, and so we thought we'd share some of the best customer onboarding tools in this tools round up. First, let's consider the differences between customer onboarding and user onboarding... Customer Onboarding Vs. User Onboarding When people think of onboarding, they often think of the user onboarding side of things. They think of product walkthroughs, tooltips, checklists. This means they...

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Top 10 SaaS Customer Onboarding Software Solutions
April 29, 2021

A product without customer onboarding software is a lot like attending a dinner party where you don’t know anyone and haven’t been welcomed in. It’s a little awkward and a lot more effort on your part to try and have a good time. A majority of consumers experience that same lack of introduction during SaaS onboarding. That’s why KBCM reports that nearly 20% of SaaS companies have an average contract length of less than one...

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