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Product Management
Implement This Customer Engagement Strategy and Your Users Will Not Get Enough of Your Product
January 19, 2021

Customer engagement plays a critical role in your company's growth and depends on your customer experience. As Steve Jobs once said: “You have to start with customer experience and work your way back toward the technology, not the other way around.” What he really should have said was, “You have to start with measuring customer engagement and then work your way back toward the technology.” Customer engagement and experience are...

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Product Experience
Onboarding Gamification - a 4 Step Formula to Gamify Your User Onboarding and Double Your Activation Without Coding
January 7, 2021

Have you ever used a product that you just couldn't put down? Ok, smartphones don’t count. Think of digital products. Something you could spend hours using. If social media and video games spring to your mind - this is no coincidence. Both use the same, very basic psychological principles to get you hooked (remember that eponymous book by Nir Eyal?). Social media and video games often reward you for using them regularly and...

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Product Experience
The Product Adoption Dictionary: Every UX Term You Wanted To Know, But Were Afraid To Ask
November 11, 2020

Product adoption has picked up a fair amount of jargon over the years. And since new fancy terms seem to pop up every week, it can be a bit hard to navigate for both the newcomers and even for the well-established product pros. Hence: team Userpilot has put together the ultimate guide to product adoption and onboarding terminology! So, if you occasionally get the User Journey mixed up with the User Experience... Or if you confuse Flywheels and...

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Product Experience
Product Adoption Strategy - How to Create One and Fix The Black Hole in Your Product Growth Strategy? PART 1
October 15, 2020

Say ‘Product Roadmap’ and every product person knows what you mean. But Product Adoption Roadmap (or Product Adoption Strategy) and you get people scratching their heads. The poll I run in our Product Marketing & Growth group speaks volumes: This illustrates well what a Product Growth and Retention expert and a Product Marketer at Varicent, Aditi Gupta said to me recently in a private conversation: "Product Adoption" is a huge black hole...

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User Onboarding
How to Stop Making Terrible Product Tours and Start Making Great Ones
October 14, 2020

There aren’t many people out there who would tell you that you DON’T need product tours for your SaaS. But the phrase “product tours” covers a wide range of different onboarding and training mechanisms. And in today’s SaaS environment - let’s be honest - some of them are pretty rubbish. So when we talk about the best software for building product tours, we’re going to be quite specific about what makes a product tour worthwhile and...

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Product Experience
How to Sell New Features to Your Users - Feature Announcements That Skyrocket Adoption
October 7, 2020

Realeasing a new feature and expecting your users to just ‘pick it up’ is like going to China and expecting to ‘just pick up Chinese’. You need to help your users adopt the new features, regardless how far they are in their user journey. But how? In this blog, we’ll show you the best ways to drive new feature adoption for every type of feature launch, every type of audience segment, and every stage of the user journey. If nobody knows...

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Customer Success \ Growth \ Product
How to Increase Product Adoption for your SaaS Product in 2020
November 13, 2019

You can spend 1000s on marketing, spend hours fine-tuning your sales funnel, and yet you still don’t see results? Why? Well, most likely it’s because your product adoption sucks. Product adoption is crucial to the success of any SaaS product. I don’t just mean it’s what separates the good from the great, I mean it separates those that survive and those that don’t. This might sound like I’m exaggerating. But, as you’re about to...

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How to Use Feature Discovery to Improve Product Adoption
May 29, 2019

Feature discovery is an important aspect of any SaaS product. It has the power to drastically improve adoption of your product and any new features you release. For some reason, however, a lot of SaaS companies overlook it, or fail to utilize it effectively. In this article, we’re going to take a look at how you can use feature discovery inside your own product. If you apply the principles we cover to your product, then your users will start...

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Product \ User Onboarding
How to use context-driven product experiences to drive user adoption?
February 8, 2019

In an increasingly competitive SaaS landscape, it becomes harder by day to engage new signups, activate them and successfully take them along the journey of user adoption. With a limited attention span, users are more likely to lose interest in products that don't demonstrate value right away or become quickly frustrated with bad product experience. A 'good' product experience is one that never fails to provide users with value based on their...

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