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Product Experience
Why You Need To Do More Product Experiments (And How To Do Them Right)
September 9, 2020

Product experiments help product managers and their users get better results. It’s that simple. You need to be running them. In this blog, we’ll show you WHY and HOW. Source: apptimize.com Experimentation and A/B testing are bread and butter in marketing, but in product...it gets complicated. While most marketers are familiar and well-equipped with code-free tools that allow them to run such experiments, product managers often think they...

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Product Experience \ User Onboarding
3 Product Experiments to Reduce Product Churn
March 26, 2020

If there’s one thing every SaaS company is worrying about now - it's product churn. Amid the uncertainties of the coronacrisis - a lot of businesses are looking for unnecessary costs to cut. As we wrote in our previous post on customer retention tactics for the time of crisis - trying to stop people from cancelling by giving them discounts is a quick-fix that will backfire in the long run. It's like trying to cure an illness with paracetamol -...

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