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Product Experience
Want Shorter Time to Value and 2x Activation? Here’s What You Need to Replace
January 5, 2021

Remember that time in an art class when you were given a blank piece of paper and told to draw whatever you want? If you weren't a creative genius (or that one classmate always trying to impress) you probably sat for a couple of minutes, pondering to great lengths: “Where do I start?” A similar experience happens in many SaaS products. And it makes nearly a third of your users drop out before they have even started! Shiv Patel,...

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Growth \ User Onboarding
Retention Marketing: How to Build a Retention Strategy that Works
July 23, 2020

You’re leaving cash on the table for your competitors to sweep up if you don’t have a strategy for retention marketing. So, in this blog we’ll show you how to keep your customers happy with a targeted retention strategy. And remember - happy customers are paying customers. Congratulations! You’re signing up new users for your SaaS product every day. Leads are quickly turning into users and you’re thinking: “Job done. My...

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