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Product Experience
User Feedback: Your Secret Product Growth Weapon (And How to Use it Right)
December 17, 2020

User feedback is the single most valuable resource you have available when you’re trying to grow a SaaS. But implementing feedback indiscriminately can do you more harm than good. Why? Too much user feedback can present problems: What if the feedback is pulling you in all directions? If acting on everything your users tell you would overstretch your resources? If you can’t decide what you need to do about it? On the other hand: when you...

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Customer Success \ Product Experience
Don't Give Your User a Silent Treatment - 8 Best Customer Feedback Tools for your SaaS
May 21, 2020

Customer feedback tools have come a long way since the days of manually reaching out with a long, boring survey. You can now choose from a wide range of tools, designed to help you collect the customer feedback you need to take your SaaS in the right direction. In the Product-Led era, listening to your customers has never been more important. I'm going to explain exactly why you should be listening to your customers if you aren't...

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