Unlock Growth Opportunities at Every Stage of the User Journey

Userpilot helps product teams deliver personalized in-app experiences to increase growth metrics at every stage of the user journey.

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Best Product Features

Rally Your Whole Team Around Your Product Growth Goals.


Growth Insights

Track and Analyze Your Product’s Growth.

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Engagement Layer

Help New and Existing Users Discover More Value.

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User Sentiment

Get Qualitative User Feedback, At Scale

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Increase New User Activation at Scale

Reduce time to value for your new signups, and quickly get them up and running with your product’s key features. Adjust the onboarding experience based on persona and keep iterating to optimize for your activation goals.

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Boost Secondary Feature Adoption

Keep users engaged by highlighting relevant features throughout the user journey. Trigger timely contextual hints & tips based on user action, and experiment to find out what really moves the needle.

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Increase Product Stickiness and Reduce Churn

Accelerate the user adoption cycle by helping customers become more successful at every step of the mapped journey. Keep the product experience relevant based on their persona and in-app behavior.

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Unlock Growth Opportunities & Upsells

Run in-product growth experiments to increase metrics like trial conversion and upsells. Test your hypotheses to understand what leads to growth events, and quickly fix dropouts in the user journey.

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Announce New Features & Stimulate Self Feature Discovery

Keep users up to date with the latest changes in your product, and boost the adoption of new features. Stimulate self feature discovery among users as they move along the mapped journey.

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Scale Self-Service & Reduce Support Cost

Provide users with scalable on-demand assistance and reduce the volume of support tickets. Offer subtle hints & tips to stimulate self-education as they navigate throughout the UI.

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Userpilot was able to increase 1 and 2nd run, as well as well 1 week retention. We've seen 10% more engagement from the users. We're able to help our existing users adopt more features.

Natália Kimličková - Product Marketing Manager

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