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[Case Study] How Touchright Software saved hours of dev time after switching from Walkme to Userpilot
April 16, 2020

With a complex product consisting of both a desktop dashboard and a mobile app for Real Estate agents, Rachel Lightfoot, a co-founder and product manager at Touchright - struggled with user onboarding and activation. Touchright helps letting agents, property managers, inventory clerks and contractors produce property reports with ease, and in less time. But the tool requires the user to go through several activation points both in the web app and...

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We've Tried 5 WalkMe Alternatives (Here's Our Feedback)
January 29, 2019

Are you searching for WalkMe alternatives? We're here to save you some time! If you want some more affordable and easier-to-use solutions for your business, you've come to the right place! We've tried 5 of the biggest WalkMe alternatives over the last couple of weeks, and we wanted to share our in-depth feedback. Important Note: WalkMe, Userlane, and Whatfix are suitable for employee onboarding use case when you're onboarding on a third-party tool...

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