Engagement Layer

Provide Users with Value at Every Stage of the User Journey.

Engage users with personalized in-product experiences without writing a single line of code. Drive user activation, feature adoption, and help users become more successful.

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Design Real-Time In-Product Experiences with Zero Code

Userpilot’s engagement layer allows you to build beautiful, highly customizable UI patterns on top of your product with zero code. Build personalized in-product experiences to improve user activation, feature engagement, and customer retention.


Nudge Users Based on Segment or In-App Behavior

Target users with contextual in-product experiences based on their persona or in-app behavior. Identify customers through user attributes/custom events and engage them at the right time to optimize for product adoption.


Track Success with Goal Completion Analysis

Set goals for your in-app experiences and measure success rate with goal completion analysis. Use your goal completion rate to optimize your experiences for even higher success.


Run In-Product Growth Experiments

Easily test your hypotheses with no developer help. Set up your growth goals, build in-app experiences to optimize for them, and use A/B testing to understand the effect of your experiences on the given goals.


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We chose Userpilot because it offered the most bang for your buck. With the help of Userpilot's driven actions, we created a seamless experience directly engrained with SciNote, which provides our users the ability to master it quickly and most importantly easily. But what we really love is the attention and support we receive from them. Their team strives to help us succeed in educating our users and are always there for us if we hit any snags on the road.

Matjaz Muhic - UX Designer

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