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Product Analytics & Insights

Track and Analyze Your Product’s Growth

Understand feature usage among different segments across the user journey - get actionable product analytics and insights.

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Automatically Capture Feature Usage - No Coding Needed

Easily tag features with no developer help, and understand feature usage among different segments across the user journey. Make data-driven decisions centered around your growth goals.

Product Analytics & Goal Tracking Over Time

Easily define your growth goals by either passing custom events or simply tagging features on your UI. Analyze your performance towards those goals over time - by individual users or on the account level.

Understand Usage Trends by Customer Segments

Track the progress of your users along the mapped user journey within and between the different user segments. Understand your user trends over time and optimize your experiences for specific segments accordingly for maximum adoption.

How Userpilot Fuels Product Growth


How drives product adoption without a sales team


How Kontentino Increased New User Activation by 10%

How GrowthMentor Drastically Reduced Their Support Tickets by 83%


How Userpilot Enabled Troi to Automate their Software Demos & Saved Development Cost Cost

Easy to use. Requires very minimal dev work to add new experiences. Empowers me as a product manager to do more without needing others to implement. Love the in app experience builder, WYSIWYG on steroids. We use it for contextual product education, NPS surveys, onboarding /activation walkthroughs, upgrade experiences, etc.

Emma Yee - Director of Product

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