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User onboarding software to help teams boost user activation with powerful onboarding experiences. Drive meaningful actions and pave the way to Aha!



Ever wondered why everyone hates product tours? They feel forced, general, untimely and they do very little to actually help new sign-ups.

Onboarding should be all about the user. What goals are they trying to achieve? What is the use case? How can they be helped, not in a forceful way, but when they actually need it?

At Userpilot, we spent countless hours thinking about these issues so that our customers can effectively onboard & help new signups based on who they are and what they are trying to do.

Not by force, but by clearly communicating the value of the product and paving the path to success.

Tailor the Experience based on user persona

Chances are, your product is being used in different ways, whether it’s various use cases or different methods of achieving the same goals. Userpilot allows you to adjust the flow of the onboarding experience based on user-persona to maximize engagement.

With dynamic & personalized Experiences, you’ll be able to let users decide their journey without forcing them into one path.

Help users as they navigate

Offer help to users as they need it or when it’s most relevant.

The Userpilot Experience builder lets you trigger hints & tips based on user behavior and in-app events, so that you can engage users when it’s appropriate. Experiences, also, adapts to changes in design and will only trigger at the right design structure.

Push for meaningful actions & pave the way to Aha!

The first-run experience a new signup has can be the sole difference between activation and churn.

Push new users to positive actions to increase the likelihood that they understand the value of the app, and increase their motivation to activation. Take advantage of many powerful event-triggered tools such as modals & slideouts.

Pave the way to activation with onboarding checklists

The onboarding checklist is a powerful tool that allows you to onboard new users & drive them through the activation process seamlessly.

You’ll be able to create a set of pre-defined steps that will take the users on a journey to achieve the milestones you set for the activation process. Every step can be linked to an Experience or a URL, and will be marked as completed based on the goal you set.


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