5 Best No-Code Tools for Product Managers

5 Best No-Code Tools for Product Managers cover

Using no-code tools for product managers allows you to build, iterate, and deploy software products without any coding knowledge.

But what is the best tech stack for product management?

Let’s review the top five no-code tools tailored for product teams, including their key features and usage in product management.


  • A no-code platform is a type of software that allows you to create applications, automate tasks, and manage product development cycles without any prior coding knowledge. For product management, these would allow you to shape the product experience to your liking, collect data from users, and get access to analytics.
  • The benefits of adopting different no-code tools include: speeding up the development process, improving collaboration, reducing costs, increasing flexibility, and allowing for customization without extensive coding.
  • We go over five no-code/low-code tools that any product team can use to streamline the product experience:
  1. Userpilot: A product management platform that enhances product growth through features like customizable user onboarding, behavioral triggers, and analytics. Offers various pricing plans tailored to different business needs.
  2. Zapier: An integration platform that automates workflows between over 3,000 apps, saving time and focusing on strategic planning. Offers flexible pricing based on the number of tasks.
  3. Mailchimp: It’s an intuitive email marketing platform that helps create, send, and analyze email campaigns with features like automated emails and AI marketing assistants. Features a scalable pricing model based on the number of contacts.
  4. Trello: A project management tool with a visual board, card system, automation, and extensive integrations to enhance productivity. Offers plans for teams of all sizes.
  5. Amplitude: It’s an analytics tool that provides insights into user behavior without coding, featuring user journey tracking and integration with Userpilot. Its plans accommodate different customer needs and include a free plan.
  • Userpilot provides most of the tools you need and integrates seamlessly with tools like Amplitude to offer a comprehensive platform for product growth. Book a Userpilot demo today to see how you can shape the product experience without coding.

Try Userpilot and Take Your Product Management to the Next Level

What is a no-code platform for product managers?

A no-code platform is a type of software that allows you to create applications, automate tasks, and manage product development cycles without any prior coding knowledge.

For product management, these would allow you to shape the product experience to your liking, enhance data management, and get access to analytics.

This can mean a dramatic reduction in reliance on technical resources, enabling your product team to directly implement their visions and iterate on feedback without technical barriers.

Benefits of no-code platforms for product teams

By empowering product teams to contribute to the product’s development and management process, no-code platforms can allow and accelerate product lifecycle processes.

Here are some key benefits of adopting a no-code/low-code development platform:

  • Speeds up product development: Rapid prototyping and iterations become possible without coding delays.
  • Enhances collaboration: Allows cross-functional teams to work together seamlessly, with real-time updates and integrations.
  • Reduces costs: Decreases dependency on specialized technical staff for everyday tasks and adjustments.
  • Increases flexibility: Teams can quickly adapt to market changes or customer feedback.
  • Allows product customization: Offers the ability to tailor features and functionalities to specific customer needs without extensive coding.

1. Userpilot: All-in-One platform for product teams to improve product growth

Userpilot is a product management platform designed to enhance product growth through user onboarding, adoption, and retention. It allows product managers to create, deploy, and analyze product experiences, as well as trigger in-app surveys to collect customer feedback and understand user sentiment.

Userpilot brings more than the ability to trigger NPS surveys inside your app, you can also create onboarding flows, collect user behavior data, and give access to advanced product analytics—everything to nurture product growth.

userpilot no code tools for product management
Userpilot’s product analytics.

Key features

  • User onboarding customization: Craft personalized onboarding flows to improve user engagement.
  • Behavioral triggers: Set up actions based on user behavior to deliver contextual guidance.
  • Analytics dashboard: Gain insights into user behavior and product performance.
  • Segmentation: Target specific user segments for more effective feature adoption.
  • A/B testing: Test different strategies to see what works best in enhancing user experience.
  • User feedback: Build in-app surveys from scratch or use any of the pre-built templates, and trigger them based on user behavior, activity, and stage in the journey.
  • In-app resource center: Build a self-service portal that includes videos, articles, surveys, checklists, and links to your help center. You can also add custom JS to integrate with other tools, such as adding an AI chatbot.


Compared to other tools in the market, Userpilot offers greater value for money as it provides all the necessary features with few usage limits. Here’s the detailed Userpilot pricing:

  • Starter. $249/month for up to 2,000 MAUs and includes all the fundamental features related to user engagement, NPS, product analytics, user tracking, and more.
  • Growth. $749/month which includes advanced analytics, localization, in-app resource center, advanced event-based content triggering, and more. No user limits.
  • Enterprise. Custom pricing which includes unlimited team members, multiple apps, dedicated enterprise infrastructure, and so on. No user limits.
userpilot pricing
Userpilot pricing.

2. Zapier: A no-code workflow automation platform

Zapier enables product teams to automate workflows between over 3,000 apps (such as Google Sheets, Asana, Zoom, etc.) without the need for custom code. It can help product managers streamline processes and ensure seamless integrations, allowing you to focus more on strategic tasks and less on repetitive work.

zapier no code tools for product management
Zapier homepage.

Key features

  • Automated Workflows: Connect apps and automate sequences of tasks to save time.
  • App Integrations: Extensive library of app integrations spanning multiple categories.
  • Multi-Step Zaps: Create workflows that cross several apps and perform multiple actions.
  • Conditional Logic: Implement rules that trigger different actions based on specified conditions.
  • Task History: Track and audit workflow executions to troubleshoot or optimize processes.


Zapier offers different plans, varying the prices depending on the number of tasks you need per month:

  • Free Plan: Basic features with 100 tasks per month.
  • Professional Plan: $19.99/month with 750 tasks per month and more features.
  • Team Plan: $49/month offering 2,000 tasks per month and support for multi-step zaps.
zapier pricing
Zapier pricing.

3. Mailchimp: A no-code platform for email marketing

Mailchimp is a user-friendly email marketing platform that allows product managers and marketers to create, send, and analyze email campaigns without needing any technical skills.

In product management, this tool is ideal for engaging users with contextual email marketing—unlocking more product growth and user retention.

mailchimp no code tools for product management
Mailchimp homepage.

Key features

  • Email Campaign Builder: Drag-and-drop editor for designing email templates, creating sequences, and adding trigger conditions.
  • Audience Segmentation: Target specific segments of your audience for personalized campaigns.
  • Performance Analytics: Track open rates, click rates, and overall campaign performance with in-depth analysis.
  • Automation: Set up automated emails based on user behavior, preferences, and journey stages.
  • AI marketing assistant: Automatically create personalized campaigns and write first drafts with the aid of AI.


Mailchimp offers a wide range of plans where the pricing varies based on the number of contacts you have:

  • Free Plan: Manage up to 500 contacts and send up to 1,000 emails per month.
  • Essentials Plan: Starting at $13/month, includes all email templates and A/B testing.
  • Standard Plan: Starting at $20/month, adds advanced audience insights, multivariate testing, automated customer journeys, and unlimited AI usage.
  • Premium Plan: Starting at $350/month, increases limits to 150,000 emails per month, has unlimited seats/audiences, offers premium migration services, and has priority support.
mailchimp pricing
Mailchimp pricing.

4. Trello: A no-code project management platform

Trello is a project management tool that offers a flexible and visual way to manage projects and workflows.

With its board system, product teams can organize tasks, track project progress, and optimize productivity without needing any programming knowledge. Plus, its intuitive interface and customization allow you to set up your projects to match your particular workflow.

trello no code tools for product management
Trello homepage.

Key features

  • Board and Card System: Organize tasks and workflows visually with a drag-and-drop system.
  • Customizable Workflows: Adapt boards to fit your project’s specific processes, such as building a roadmap, strategic planning, or assigning tasks to team members.
  • Automation (Butler): Automate common tasks and workflows to save time.
  • Integrations (Power-Ups): Enhance functionality with a wide range of integrations so your teammates can link their preferred development tools with Trello.
  • Collaboration Tools: Facilitate communication and collaboration directly within the platform.


Trello offers four plans where the pricing depends on the number of users:

  • Free Plan: Basic features suitable for individuals or small teams.
  • Standard Plan: $5 per user/month with additional features like advanced checklists, and unlimited boards
  • Premium Plan: $10 per user/month offers unlimited commands, AI tools, and expanded security features.
  • Enterprise: $17.5 per user/month includes organization-wide boards, unlimited workspaces, and multi-board guests.
trello pricing
Trello pricing.

5. Amplitude: A no-code tool for product analytics

Amplitude is a product analytics platform that provides comprehensive analytics that helps product managers understand user behavior without needing to code. It offers functionalities like advanced user segmentation, funnel analysis, and retention analysis.

It excels particularly at user journey analytics, as it has cross-platform analytics which allows you to track how users move between your native apps, mobile apps, and web pages.

Plus, it has easy integration with Userpilot, meaning that you can send all your collected data to Amplitude and have one centralized space to perform different analyses and make data-driven decisions.

amplitude no code tools for product management
Amplitude homepage.

Key features

  • Real-time analytics: Track user interactions as they happen 24/7.
  • User journey tracking: Monitor how users navigate through your product and how they advance through the user journey.
  • Cohort Analysis: Analyze the behaviors, usage patterns, and characteristics of different user segments.
  • A/B Testing: Test different features and strategies to see what improves performance.
  • Integration with Userpilot: Seamlessly combines analytics with engagement strategies to increase product performance.


Amplitude has a variety of pricing options:

  • Free Plan: Basic features with limited data history and event volumes.
  • Plus Plan ($49/month): Provides unlimited analytics, custom dashboards, cohort analysis, customer audiences, and more.
  • Growth Plan: Custom pricing based on specific feature needs such as multivariate testing, advanced analytics, customer metrics, etc.
amplitude pricing
Amplitude pricing.


These no-code tools for product managers are not just nice-to-have platforms to show fancy visuals, they allow you to aid product development without deep technical expertise—and save a lot of time and energy in the process.

From automating workflows with Zapier, and managing email marketing campaigns with Mailchimp, to organizing projects via Trello and analyzing user behavior with Amplitude, these tools equip product teams with the capabilities to innovate and respond to market demands efficiently.

Userpilot not only provides most of the tools you need but also integrates seamlessly with tools like Amplitude to provide a comprehensive platform for product growth. Book a Userpilot demo today to see how you can shape the product experience without coding skills.

Try Userpilot and Take Your Product Management to the Next Level

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