What is User Feedback?

User feedback collects your customers’ opinions regarding your product, website, or service. By engaging with them directly, you can gather useful insights, which can then improve the product and customer experience.

Why is User Feedback important?

User Feedback is invaluable for any product development process. It provides direct insights into what users like or dislike, helping businesses to make informed decisions. User feedback can guide feature development, bug fixes, and other improvements, making it a cornerstone of user-centric design.

Do you need tools for User Feedback?

Think of user feedback tools as an easy solution for collecting feedback in a non-intrusive way. Here’s how these tools can help you gather and utilize customer input:

  • Collect feedback via multiple channels: User feedback tools enable feedback collection in your app and through emails and shareable links.
  • Improve customer satisfaction: Feedback tools trigger CSAT surveys that measure customer satisfaction and give you insights to improve it.
  • Dive deep into user experience: These tools reveal users’ sentiments while navigating your site, helping you understand where the friction lies.
  • Understand customer loyalty: Triggering and analyzing NPS surveys through feedback tools helps to identify detractors, passives, and promoters and how much your product is worth recommending.
  • Better user segmentation: Feedback reveals insights about your customers’ experiences and satisfaction levels. You can then use their feedback to personalize the experiences for each segment.

What are the best tools for User Feedback?

So, which customer feedback platform stands out in this competitive space?

  • Userpilot: The ultimate customer feedback tool with features to trigger in-app surveys, embed feedback widgets, and analyze quantitative and qualitative responses. It also embeds Typeform surveys.
  • Usersnap: Offering feedback widget functionality along with in-app surveys, Usersnap helps streamline product roadmaps with the collected feedback.
  • UserGuiding: The recommended tool for triggering in-app surveys, including NPS surveys, for companies with tight budgets.
  • Pendo: Ideal for enterprise companies, Pendo offers feedback collection via in-app surveys (Pendo Polls) and a separate tool for collecting feature requests (Pendo Feedback).

What are the must have features of User Feedback tools?

The tool you select should aid you in learning about and enhancing your customers’ experience. Here’s what you should consider when choosing a customer feedback tool:

  • Different survey types: For an in-depth analysis, the software you choose must support different survey types, like NPS, CSAT, and PMF surveys, among others.
  • Predesigned survey templates: To help design surveys easier and quicker, look for tools with readymade templates along with customization options to give them a native-like look.
  • Feedback widgets: This will help in collecting passive, on-demand feedback. Since users know they can give feedback anytime, their responses would be more honest and thoughtful.
  • Advanced triggering options: Select a tool that allows sending targeted surveys to users based on their unique characteristics.
  • Feedback analysis: To observe trends in survey completion rates and identify which segments are more receptive to filling out survey forms.

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