According to Yazan Sehwail, CEO of, “Product adoption is the end goal of the user journey which starts from the first moment of contact to complete activation of all the persona-relevant features in the given product.”


The design process has an objective. It’s not to create usable and useful products (though these are both important considerations when designing products), but rather to create products people use. Adoption is the process by which people become users of a product and it is adoption which will enable users to discover that a product is usable and useful and enable them to become long-term users of a product. This definition is suggested by Interaction Design Foundation.


Product Adoption definition:It is a psychological process for prospective customers to learn about the product, adopt it or reject it. This definition is suggested by Business Dictionary.

Advantages of product adoption

Having a great product experience helps you in the following ways:

  • Increase free trial user to paid conversion rate
  • Reduce churn
  • Customers refer to their network (word fo mouth & referral marketing)
  • Increase in customer happiness

Disadvantages of ignoring the importance of product adoption

Beware following the disadvantages if you don’t focus on product adoption:

  • Bad free trial conversion
  • User don’t get the aha moment
  • High churn
  • Decrease customer happiness index
  • Bad word of mouth
  • Bad reviews
  • Decrease revenues

Tools that could help you improve your product adoption

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