14 Zendesk Integrations SaaS Companies Need in 2023

14 Zendesk Integrations SaaS Companies Need in 2023 cover

Are you looking for Zendesk integrations to boost the efficiency of your self-service customer support? If so, you’re in the right place!

The article explores the best Zendesk integrations for:

  • Customer support
  • Customer feedback
  • Productivity
  • Email and social media communication
  • Analytics and reporting

Let’s get right to it!


  • Zendesk integrations are third-party applications that expand Zendesk functionality and allow seamless communication between different tools to automate routine customer support tasks.
  • There are currently more than 1,500 integrations.
  • Zendesk communicates with external apps via API, so creating integrations is easy. You can also embed Zendesk functionality into your product using JavaScript.
  • The Certainly integration allows you to localize your chat support into 14 languages.
  • Thanks to the Factbranch integration, customer support agents always have up-to-date customer details in the tickets they’re dealing with.
  • Harvestr allows you to collect customer feedback from various sources and use it to update and act on Zendesk tickets.
  • With the AppFollow integration, you can monitor customer feedback across all major app stores.
  • SmileBack is a feedback app designed for helpdesk solutions so you can evaluate your customer support services effectively.
  • The Quickie integration allows you to easily access all Zendesk views from the top bar menu.
  • TypeGenie is an AI-powered writing assistant that autocompletes repetitive content in customer service responses.
  • With the Email Tracking integration, you can optimize your email campaigns by using insights into who and when opens your emails or attached links.
  • Proactive Campaigns is a Zendesk integration for sending bulk emails and surveys.
  • Thanks to the Hootsuite integration, you can monitor and manage social media accounts and Zendesk tickets from one dashboard.
  • The Zoho Analytics integration allows you to analyze your customer service activity to evaluate agent performance and track customer satisfaction.
  • Chatdesk Trends automatically tags and identifies patterns in customer feedback from different channels.
  • With Agent Dashboard, you can integrate Looker, Power BI, and Tableau dashboards into Zendesk.
  • To see how to integrate the Zendesk chat widget and search engine in Userpilot’s resource center, book the demo!

What are Zendesk integrations?

Zendesk integrations are apps that you can connect to Zendesk to expand its functionality, boost efficiency, and automate data flow.

For example, an integration could automatically create Zendesk tickets from incoming calls to the call center so that agents can start populating them with customer data straightaway.

Integrations can be either 1- or 2-way. In the first case, you can sync the data either from an external product to Zendesk or from Zendesk to the other product, but not both ways. To be able to do so, you need a 2-way integration.

How many apps does Zendesk have?

As of 21 July 2023, there are 1,503 integrations in the Zendesk marketplace.

They fall into a number of categories, the most numerous of them being:

  • Productivity and time-tracking – 608
  • E-commerce & CRM – 349
  • Collaboration – 328
  • Analytics & reporting – 313
  • IT & Project management – 303

Most of the Zendesk integrations are free to download and install – over 1200 in total. However, you may still need to pay to subscribe to the products.

How do I integrate with Zendesk?

If your product already has a Zendesk integration, setting it up is easy. You normally activate it, enter your Zendesk domain and account login details, and the job is done.

Alternatively, you download the integration from the Zendesk Marketplace, install it, and log in using the product login credentials.

What if there’s no integration available yet?

To integrate Zendesk functionality into your product, use its API. You’re probably going to need the help of your dev team with that, but here’s a rough guide of what to do:

  1. Create an API token in Zendesk. Log into your Zendesk account, navigate to Admin> Channels > API. Here, enable Token Access and add a new token.
  2. Set up Zendesk in your application. Install any necessary Zendesk SDKs or libraries and use the API token you generated earlier to authenticate your application with Zendesk.
  3. Make API calls. Once your application is authenticated, you can use the Zendesk API to perform various actions, like retrieving user information.

Best Zendesk integrations for customer support

Let’s start our roundup of the best Zendesk integrations with 3 customer support applications.

1. Userpilot and Zendesk integration

Userpilot is a product adoption platform that you can use to onboard users and provide on-demand support via a resource center.

By enabling the integration, you can add Zendesk’s chat widget to Userpilot’s resource center. This will enable you to provide live support to your users and thus, improve customer experience.

To do so, you need to get the JS script from your chatbot Zendesk account and add it as Content in the resource center. That way when the button is clicked, the JS is executed and triggers the chatbot.

Zendesk chat integration in Userpilot
Zendesk chat integration in Userpilot.

Moreover, Userpilot allows you to integrate the Zendesk engine to search its knowledge base. You do it by enabling the search option in the resource center and choosing Zendesk as the search engine.

When users run a search on a keyword, Userpilot first searches the resource center modules and then routes the keyword to Zendesk’s search engine.

Userpilot and Zendesk integration
Zendesk as a search engine.

How do I get Zendesk script?

To get the Zendesk JS script, head to Settings in Zendesk, choose Widget, and click on the Getting Started tab. The script will appear in a window below from where you can copy it.


You can connect to Zendesk for free as long as you subscribe to one of the Userpilot plans:

  • Starter, from $249/month
  • Growth – custom pricing
  • Enterprise – custom pricing

G2 rating: 4.6/5

2. Certainly and Zendesk integration

Certainly is a platform that allows customer support teams to provide localized chat support. It uses proprietary AI models, which enables teams to reduce the number of support tickets with unique human-like responses.

This is a one-way integration that Zendesk customers can use to provide support in 14 languages.

Zendesk Integrations: Certainly.


Certainly offers three plans, Starter, Pro, and Premium. Each of these comes with custom pricing.

G2 rating: 4.8/5

3. Factbranch and Zendesk integration

Factbranch is an app that loads customer data from a database or JSON API.

When you install this 1-way integration in Zendesk, it provides customer support agents with up-to-date customer information whenever they open a support ticket.

Zendesk Integrations: Factbranch.


Factbranch pricing is based on the number of agents you have:

  • 1st agent – $29/agent/month
  • 2nd-10th agent – $6/agent/month
  • 11th-100th agent – $4/agent/month

G2 rating: N/A – 5/5 in Zendesk Marketplace

Best Zendesk integrations for customer feedback

Thanks to Zendesk integrations with customer feedback apps, you will be able to measure customer satisfaction, identify trends in feedback, and respond quickly and effectively to customer queries.

4. Harvestr and Zendesk integration

Harvestr is a product management platform that helps product teams leverage customer feedback and data to build customer-centric user experiences.

This 2-way integration enables Zendesk users to escalate tickets with relevant customer feedback to Harvestr where they are merged with all the other feedback channels you might be using. This allows you to identify the most urgent user pain points and needs.

After the ticket is sent to Harvestr, it’s automatically updated in Zendesk if there are changes to their status in the product roadmap. For example, if users request a feature, and you build it, your agents get the update in Zendesk. This enables them to close the feedback loop.

Zendesk Integrations: Harvestr.


Harvestr offers 4 pricing plans:

  • Launch – free
  • Scale – $79/editor/month
  • Elite – $139/editor/month
  • Enterprise – custom pricing

G2 rating: 4.8/5

5. AppFollow and Zendesk integration

AppFollow is a mobile app support solution. It has a simple interface and enables customer support and marketing teams to monitor and engage with user reviews across different marketplaces and app stores, like Google Play or Amazon marketplace.

Thanks to the 2-way integration, not only can you receive all the reviews and store them as tickets in Zendesk but also respond to positive and negative feedback directly from your Zendesk account.

AppFollow dasboard
Zendesk Integrations: AppFollow.


AppFollow pricing is based on usage. There are 4 plans:

  • Free
  • Essential – from $142/month
  • Team – from $504/month
  • Business – custom pricing

G2 rating: 4.6/5

6. SmileBack and Zendesk integration

SmileBack is a feedback platform designed with helpdesks in mind. It enables you to collect and analyze NPS and CSAT data to obtain actionable insights into user experience and improve customer satisfaction.

With the 1-way integration, Zendesk customers can collect user feedback to evaluate their satisfaction. Thanks to reporting features, you can then analyze the responses and turn the qualitative comments into testimonials.

Zendesk Integrations: Smileback
Zendesk Integrations: SmileBack.


SmileBack pricing depends on the number of agents. There are 5 plans to suit organizations of various sizes:

  • Starter – from $88/month
  • Growth – from $123/month
  • Pro – from $158/month
  • Pro+ – from $193/month
  • Enterprise – from $228/month

G2 rating: 4.8/5

Best Zendesk integrations for productivity

A number of the integrations available in the Zendesk marketplace are designed to boost the productivity of the agents and help them deal with existing and new tickets efficiently.

7. Quickie and Zendesk integration

Quickie is an app that consists of a top bar menu. It gives you easy access to all the views from any place within Zendesk.

Thanks to the integration, the support team can quickly browse, bookmark, and search support tickets.

Zendesk Integrations: Quickie
Zendesk Integrations: Quickie.


Quickie is a very affordable solution. It costs $0.50 per agent per month.

G2 rating: N/A, 5/5 in Zendesk Marketplace

8. TypeGenie and Zendesk integration

TypeGenie is an AI-powered writing assistant that enables support agents to reduce the time they need to respond to customer queries.

According to TypeGenie, the great majority of customer service responses include repetition. The app predicts the repetition and auto-completes responses. All you have to do is press Tab to accept it and move on.

Deep Learning models enable TypeGenie to learn from past tickets. Consequently, future auto-suggestions get more accurate and consistent with the brand’s tone of voice.

Zendesk Integrations: TypeGenie
Zendesk Integrations: TypeGenie.


There are 3 paid plans available:

  • Pro – $20/user/month
  • Premium – $28/user/month
  • Enterprise – custom pricing

G2 rating: N/A, 5/5 in Zendesk Marketplace

Best Zendesk integrations for email and social media communication

Another way to leverage Zendesk integrations is to automate the manual work involved in email and social media communication.

9. Email Tracking and Zendesk integration

Email Tracking is a Zendesk add-on that will help you assess the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

In short, the app allows you to view read receipts with information on who and when opened the email or attached link. It automatically updates internal custom field values and adds ‘seen’ or ‘unseen’ tags to the existing ticket.

Thanks to its reporting features, you can optimize your email performance.

Zendesk Integrations: Email Tracking
Zendesk Integrations: Email Tracking.


There are two affordable Email Tracking plans:

  • Lite – from $1.67/agent/month
  • Pro – from $2.50/agent/month

G2 rating: N/A, 5/5 in Zendesk Marketplace

10. Proactive Campaigns and Zendesk integration

Proactive Campaigns for Zendesk enables you to send mass email campaigns and conduct surveys directly from Zendesk.

To do so, you filter your customers and segment them into Zendesk lists. You can do it either by tags, standard or custom fields, or tickets. You can easily share these lists with other agents or other teams to avoid work duplication.

Next, you compose the email using its rich text editor, and off it goes.

Once you launch the campaign, Proactive Campaigns will create and update customer tickets automatically.

Zendesk Integrations: Proactive Campaigns
Zendesk Integrations: Proactive Campaigns.


Proactive Campaigns offers 2 pricing plans:

  • Lite – from $4.17/agent/month
  • Pro – from $12.50/agent/month

G2 rating: N/A, 5/5 in Zendesk marketplace

11. Hootsuite and Zendesk integration

Hootsuite is a well-known social media management platform. It enables teams to engage customers with content across various platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on.

Thanks to the 2-way integration, you can monitor and manage social media accounts and Zendesk tickets from the Hootsuite dashboard. This enables you to respond quickly to customer issues raised in social media comments.

Zendesk Integrations: Hootsuite
Zendesk Integrations: Hootsuite.


Hootsuite has 4 paid plans:

  • Professional – from $99/month
  • Team – from $249/month
  • Business – from $739/month
  • Enterprise – custom pricing

G2 rating: 4.1/5

Best Zendesk integrations for analytics and reporting

Zendesk integrations with analytics tools allow teams to analyze customer interactions with your customer service teams effectively and enable better decision-making.

12. Zoho Analytics and Zendesk integration

Zoho Analytics is a no-code BI and analytics platform that allows non-technical teams to easily analyze product data. It allows you to create customized reports and dashboards to communicate the insights effectively.

The 1-way Zendesk integration with Zoho Analytics makes it possible to analyze Zendesk data and provides you with insights into the actions of your support teams. It allows you to monitor agents’ performance, NPS data, or new ticket inflow, which facilitates data-driven decision-making.

Zendesk Integrations: Zoho Analytics
Zendesk Integrations: Zoho Analytics.


While the integration is free to download and install, you need one of Zoho’s 4 plans to use it:

  • Basic – from $24/month
  • Standard – from $48/month
  • Premium – from $115/month
  • Enterprise – from $455/month

G2 rating: 4.2/5

13. Chatdesk Trends and Zendesk integration

Chatdesk Trends is a feedback tool with excellent tagging and reporting features. It allows you to keep a pulse on customer interactions across different channels – email, chat, social media, and surveys from one place.

Its key features include accurate automatic ticket tagging, a search engine to quickly find the data you need, AI-written feedback summaries, a word cloud generator, customer sentiment analytics, and customer trends reports.

According to Chatdesk, its customers manage to increase website conversions by 10%, reduce customer contacts by 15% and save 1,000+ hours on tagging and reporting a year.

Zendesk Integrations: Chatdesk Trends
Zendesk Integrations: Chatdesk Trends.


There are 4 Chatdesk pricing plans available:

  • Free pilot
  • Starter – from $250/month
  • Most popular – from $1,000/month
  • Dedicated – from $3,900/month

G2 rating: N/A, 5/5 in Zendesk Marketplace

14. Agent Dashboard and Zendesk integration

Agent Dashboard is an app that enables you to embed Looker, Power BI, or Tableau dashboards in Zendesk.

Thanks to that you combine data from various systems and can create bespoke dashboards with relevant KPIs for different agents. The app allows you to pin real-time metrics to the top bar and share important data via broadcast alerts.

Zendesk Integrations: Agent Dashboard
Zendesk Integrations: Agent Dashboard.

Pricing: Free to use but need Looker, Power BI, or Tableau subscriptions.

G2 rating: N/A, 5/5 in Zendesk Marketplace


With 1,500+ Zendesk integrations, you can dramatically expand its functionality, enable seamless data sharing between different platforms, streamline your team’s workflows, and automate processes that have previously been done manually.

As a result, you can often reduce agent contact time, help them deal with tickets more efficiently, and improve customer satisfaction.

If you want to leverage Userpilot with Zendesk, book the demo!

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