Top Userflow Alternatives of 2023 (In-Depth Comparison)

Top Userflow Alternatives of 2023 (In-Depth Comparison) cover

Which are the best Userflow alternatives in 2023?

If you’re after the answer to this question, here’s our in-depth comparison of 4 different user onboarding platforms:

  • Userpilot
  • Appcues
  • UserGuiding
  • Chameleon

Let’s check out which of them offers the best features for your use case and the most competitive pricing plans!


  • Userflow is a digital adoption platform that allows managers and designers to build onboarding flows and collect user feedback.
  • It’s a reliable and easy-to-use tool offering high levels of customization but limited analytics features.
  • Its lowest Startup pricing plan is competitively priced but the Pro is not so anymore.
  • Appcues is another well-rounded adoption platform with advanced functionality. Its analytics are better-developed than Userflow, but all its plans are more expensive.
  • UserGuiding is the cheapest of all the alternatives and it offers a good range of onboarding features. However, their usage limits are low, as are UserGuiding analytics.
  • Chameleon offers excellent onboarding and survey functionality with high-level customization, but it’s the most expensive tool in this review.
  • Userpilot has the most advanced functionality of all the Userflow alternatives reviewed. Its lowest plan is only slightly more expensive than Userflow’s but it offers support for more features and higher usage limits.

Userflow: What is it and what features does it offer?

Userflow is a code-free digital adoption platform that enables product, marketing, and customer success managers to build onboarding flows and collect user feedback via in-app surveys. Its target customers are small and medium-sized SaaS companies.

Userflow NPS dashboard
Userflow NPS dashboard.

What features does Userflow support? Here’s a selection:

Integrations are particularly relevant because Userflow lacks analytics functionality that would enable it to track and analyze user behavior.

Userflow checklist
Userflow checklist.

Userflow pros and cons

This product has lots of strengths, including:

✅ High levels of customization without CSS

✅ Ease of implementation

✅ Ease of use and intuitive UI

✅ Reliable bug-free performance

✅ ‘Fanatical’ customer support

It’s really difficult to find Userflow downsides but the key one is:

❌ Limited analytics so you need a 3rd party analytics tool for comprehensive user behavior tracking

What do users say about Userflow?

Userflow has an outstanding average rating of 4.8 according to G2 reviewers. Just like us, they struggle to pinpoint any major weaknesses of the product.

Things that they bring up include constraints of the pricing plans, including the pro plan, and limited survey customization:

What do you dislike about Userflow?– only 5 users on the pro plan- surveys could be more customizable

Userflow review
Userflow review

Userflow pricing

Userflow’s pricing strategy is based on 3 plans. These are:


  • $200 a month (billed annually)
  • Up to 3,000 MAUs
  • Unlimited flows
  • Resource center
  • Basic integrations (no HubSpot or Salesforce)
  • 1 checklist and 10 launchers/hotspots
  • 3 team seats


  • $600 a month (billed annually)
  • Up to 10,000 MAUs
  • All Startup features
  • Unlimited content
  • Surveys/NPS
  • No-code event tracking
  • Localization
  • Advanced integrations
  • Company profiles/events


  • Custom pricing and MAU limits
  • Everything in the Pro plan
  • Custom Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Custom contract
  • Security questionnaire
  • Concierge support

Before you commit to any of the plans, you can take advantage of a live demo and a 14-day free trial.

Userflow pricing
Userflow pricing.

The best alternatives to Userflow

Given the positive user reviews, you may be wondering whether an alternative solution is needed at all.

The two main reasons why you may want to consider other tools are Userflow’s analytics functionality (or rather lack there of) and the pricing structure with its limits.

Userflow alternative #1: Userpilot

Userpilot is a product growth platform. Its customers are mostly medium-sized companies. They use it to track product performance and user sentiment and drive adoption with onboarding experiences.

Userflow Alternatives: Userpilot analytics
Userflow Alternatives: Userpilot analytics.

Here’s a breakdown of Userpilot’s functionality:

Userflow Alternatives: Userpilot dashboard
Userflow Alternatives: Userpilot UX patterns.

Userpilot pros and cons

Userpilot has a number of strengths:

✅ An easy-to-use Chrome Extension

✅ A range of product usage analytics features and more coming soon (funnels and paths)

✅ Built-in A/B testing for in-app experiences you build

✅ Majority of analytics and feedback features are available in the lowest Traction plan

Some of its cons include:

❌ Supports only web apps, not mobile apps

❌ Not affordable for really small startups

What do users say about Userpilot?

Userpilot has an average rating of 4.6 on G2. Reviewers praise it for its functionality, intuitive user interface, ease of implementation, and exemplary customer support.

That’s what Cara, a Co-founder, and COO, has to say:

I’ve been using Userpilot for about 2 months now and the experience has been amazing. From the ease of implementation to the intuitive UI to the friendly, responsive support by the lovely Elise! I’ve looked at other adoption software and I’m glad we went with Userpilot. It has just the right amount of features for our B2G software to help our users and it’s really easy to use. And the best part, it’s affordable!

Userpilot review
Userflow Alternatives: Userpilot review.

Userpilot pricing

Userpilot’s transparent pricing ranges from $249/month on the entry-level end to an Enterprise tier for larger companies.

Furthermore, Userpilot’s entry-level plan includes access to all UI patterns and should include everything that most mid-market SaaS businesses need to get started.

userpilot pricing new april 2024
Userpilot has three paid plans to choose from:

  • Starter: The entry-level Starter plan starts at $249/month and includes features like segmentation, product analytics, reporting, user engagement, NPS feedback, and customization.
  • Growth: The Growth plan starts at $749/month and includes features like resource centers, advanced event-based triggers, unlimited feature tagging, AI-powered content localization, EU hosting options, and a dedicated customer success manager.
  • Enterprise: The Enterprise plan uses custom pricing and includes all the features from Starter + Growth plus custom roles/permissions, access to premium integrations, priority support, custom contract, SLA, SAML SSO, activity logs, security audit, and compliance (SOC 2/GDPR).

Userflow alternative #2: Appcues

Appcues is another code-free user onboarding platform. It supports both web and mobile apps.

With Appcues, product and marketing teams can track product usage, launch customer satisfaction surveys, and design in-app onboarding experiences to improve customer experience.

Userflow Alternatives: Appcues dashboard
Userflow Alternatives: Appcues UX patterns.

Appcues features include:

  • User segmentation for personalized messaging and analytics
  • In-app onboarding flows based on tooltips, modals, slideouts, hotspots, and checklists
  • Flow analytics
  • Flow A/B testing
  • Launchpad for self-access in-app guidance
  • In-app surveys, including NPS tracking and analytics
  • Event and goal tracking
  • A range of integrations with analytics, CMS, and e-commerce tools
Userflow Alternatives: Appcues analytics
Userflow Alternatives: Appcues analytics.

Appcues pros and cons

Appcues has a number of strengths:

✅ A wide range of customizable UX patterns for in-app messaging

✅ Integrations

✅ Ease of implementation and use

Its weaknesses include:

❌ No qualitative NPS analysis

❌ No real-time event data display (not possible to trigger flows contextually)

❌ Limited Essentials plan (10 events, 5 segments, 3 user licenses, no checklists)

What do users say about Appcues?

Appcues has an average rating of 4.7 on G2.

Users value intuitive UI which makes it easy to produce highly customized in-app onboarding experiences. They also rate highly how Appcues has been consistently improving the product and the responsiveness of the customer support team.

On the other hand, Appcues pricing is mentioned as one of its downsides.

What do you like best about Appcues?
The designer is unbelievably convenient and works smoothly (it’s not that obvious for a WYSIWYG tool).
The location of widgets is always correct, while first releases have had some issues on that field.

What do you dislike about Appcues?

The price 😉 Also, the predefined widgets library could be a bit bigger.
It’s an absolute minor, but Appcues could improve the visual presentation of flows conversions.

Appcues review
Userflow Alternatives: Appcues review.

Appcues pricing

Appcues offers three different plans:


  • $249/month
  • 3 user seats
  • 10 track events (click-to-track)
  • Standard pattern library, including Pins
  • NPS surveys
  • Unlimited insights
  • Integrations with analytics tools
  • Email support


  • $879/month
  • 10 user seats
  • Unlimited track events (click-to-track)
  • Everything in Essentials
  • Advanced pattern library, including Checklists and Launchpad
  • Advanced targeting
  • Unlimited use of integrations
  • Access to customer success


  • Custom pricing
  • Unlimited user seats
  • Everything in Growth
  • Advanced security and SSO
  • Enterprise account administration, including roles and permissions
  • Localization support
  • Premium support and services
  • Access to activity logs for security auditing

Just like Userpilot, Appcues comes with a higher price tag than Userflow but outcompetes it in terms of analytics.

Userflow Alternatives: Appcues pricing
Userflow Alternatives: Appcues pricing.

Userflow alternative #3: UserGuiding

UserGuiding is a code-free digital growth platform. It enables product teams to design and deliver user onboarding experiences to improve user experience, increase retention, and drive adoption.

Userflow Alternatives: UserGuiding dashboard
Userflow Alternatives: UserGuiding dashboard.

It offers a range of features:

  • Customizable UX patterns (tooltips, modals, slideouts, and hotspots)
  • Personalized onboarding flows and interactive product tours
  • Onboarding checklists
  • Self-support resource center
  • User segmentation and user-specific analytics
  • Custom events
  • Integrations with popular analytics and collaboration tools
UserGuiding analytics
Userflow Alternatives: UserGuiding analytics.

UserGuiding pros and cons

Userguiding is an appealing product for a number of reasons:

✅ Pricing that is affordable for small startups

✅ A wide range of UI patterns for in-app guidance

✅ Multiple integrations

However, its cons include:

❌ UI is not very intuitive

❌ Limited analytics

❌ Limited customization options for UI elements

❌ UserGuiding branding in the lowest plan

❌ Requires technical knowledge to fully realize its potential

What do users say about UserGuiding?

A quick look at G2 shows that UserGuiding has lots of fans. It has a rating of 4.7, which is pretty solid.

Reviewers are very satisfied with the value for money that they get. As for its downsides, they mention limited analytics and localization support.

What do you like best about UserGuiding?
UserGuiding is a fantastic alternative to more “big-budget” solutions; and the good news is: that it does the same. … I’m honestly still asking myself what it does less (than the 5 times higher-priced competitors)…

What do you dislike about UserGuiding?
The localisation (translation) is still not a standard feature … The Analytics does the job, but it is not as comprehensive as Google Analytics, but I’ve heard they are working on an extended version (based on completion of goals by users).

Userflow Alternatives: UserGuiding review
Userflow Alternatives: UserGuiding review.

UserGuiding pricing

So what are UserGuiding plans and what’s included? Here they are:

Basic Plan

  • $69/month billed annually
  • Up to 2500 MAUs
  • 1 user license
  • 20 active guides
  • 20 active hotspots
  • 2 onboarding checklists
  • 1 active resource center
  • Engagement analytics for guide performance analysis
  • Segmentation and custom attributes
  • Custom events
  • Webhooks and integrations
  • Email and live chat support

Professional Plan

  • $299/month billed annually
  • Up to 20,000 MAUs
  • 5 user licenses
  • Unlimited active guides
  • Unlimited active hotspots
  • Engagement analytics for guide performance analysis
  • Unlimited onboarding checklists
  • Unlimited resource center
  • No UserGuding branding
  • Localization
  • Material scheduling
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Segmentation and custom attributes

Corporate Plan

  • Custom pricing, starting from $499/month
  • Custom usage limits
  • Everything in the Professional Plan
  • Fully customizable including CSS
  • Personalized coaching
UserGuiding pricing
Userflow Alternatives: UserGuiding pricing.

Userflow alternative #4: Chameleon

Chameleon is the final Userflow flow alternative. It’s another product onboarding platform providing user analytics, user feedback, and in-app communication functionality.

Userflow Alternatives: Chameleon tours
Userflow Alternatives: Chameleon tours.

Its functionality includes:

  • Personalized product tours (flows, walkthroughs, guides, and tutorials)
  • Advanced tooltips
  • Checklists
  • Surveys, including NPS
  • User segmentation and environments
  • Goal tracking
  • Experience analytics
  • Real-time data event triggering and scheduling of in-app guidance
  • A/B testing
  • Localization
  • Webhooks and integrations
Userflow Alternatives: Chameleon surveys
Userflow Alternatives: Chameleon surveys.

Chameleon pros and cons

Chameleon has some serious strengths, especially when it comes to its in-app guidance and surveys:

✅ A wide range of onboarding UI patterns

✅ Highly customizable feedback functionality

✅ High customizable experiences

✅ Robust segmentation for personalizing experiences

What about the cons? These include:

❌ High-level customization requires CSS skills

❌ Only basic analytics

What do users say about Chameleon?

Chameleon has an overall rating of 4.4 on G2, so the lowest in our comparison of Userflow alternatives, but still pretty good.

It’s highly rated for its intuitive UI and code-free functionality that doesn’t require developer support to design onboarding experiences:

It’s really easy to use. It’s flexible and it helped us to test and iterate quickly on different ways to engage our users without any, or very little, development effort.

Userflow Alternatives: Chameleon review
Userflow Alternatives: Chameleon review.

Chameleon pricing

Here’s what each of the three Chameleon plans include:


  • $279 per month
  • 2000 MAUs
  • Unlimited tours and tooltips
  • 5 microsurveys
  • 1 launcher (in-app self-support and onboarding)
  • Experience scheduling
  • Experience analytics
  • Environment display control (for targeted delivery and customization of experiences)
  • Dynamic personalization
  • Event triggering based on real-time data
  • Integrations and single-trigger webhooks
  • Help center and email support


  • $999/month
  • 2000 MAUs
  • Unlimited microsurveys and launchers
  • Unlimited goals tracking
  • A/B testing for flows
  • All trigger webhooks
  • SAML 2.0 SSO (Google only)
  • Advanced Security (SOC 2 report)
  • Email and Zoom support (live rep)
  • Personalized expert sessions


  • Custom pricing and MAU limit
  • Everything in Growth
  • Unlimited environments
  • Unlimited frequency caps
  • All integrations
  • Localization
  • Team roles and permissions

One thing to bear in mind when comparing the pricing plans is the MAU limit. If you play around with the slider, you’ll see that the Growth plan would cost $1749/month for 10,000 MAUs and $1999 for 15,000 MAUs. This makes it the most expensive tool in our review.

Chameleon pricing
Userflow Alternatives: Chameleon pricing.


Userflow is a solid growth platform with well-developed in-app communication and survey features. However, it supports limited analytics functionality and that’s its main drawback.

When comparing Userflow alternatives like Appcues, UserGuiding, and Chameleon, Userpilot is the best alternative. It may not be as competitively priced as UserGuiding, but its plans offer higher usage limits and better product analytics features.

If you want to see how Userpilot can boost your product growth, book the demo!

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