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4 SaaS Growth Metrics Every Company Should Track
April 2, 2021

In my experience, SaaS founders are often overwhelmed by the topic of growth metrics. They tend to take one of two approaches: Ignore metrics completely, or Look at all the metrics under the sun, and have no sense of patterns. Both approaches are equally wrong. You can’t ignore growth metrics. And if you look at too many, you will be overwhelmed and stuck in analysis paralysis mode. In this article, we’ll show you what...

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Product Service Management as a Growth Lever in your SaaS
April 30, 2020

All SaaS companies live and die by their ability to lead their customers to ongoing success. From a bird’s-eye perspective, this means ensuring two key things are happening within your organization at all times: Continuous product management and development Proactive provision of guidance and support to new, current, and prospective customers In this article, we’re going to explore: What product-service management and customer success...

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Feature Surveys: The Secret to Building the Best Product You Can
April 23, 2020

The one question SaaS Product teams around the world are losing sleep over now is: "How can we make our product even better?" If you want to know the answer, the simplest way is to ask your customers. But that’s actually when things become complicated...You can’t just ask your customers if you have a few thousand users on board. You would drown in qualitative data and probably never reach any conclusions. What you need to do to ‘ask your...

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What Is Product Marketing and Why You Should Care
February 20, 2020

The new trend of product-led growth in the SaaS world flips the old marketing and sales rulebooks on their heads. Product marketing is a large part of this shift. With software development becoming cheaper and more and more democratized, the competition in the SaaS market has become fierce. And so - the purchasing decisions are now made by the end-user - not execs. From: BUILD. Product-Led Growth. The End-User Era. In recent years,...

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How Your Software Demo Can Sell Your Product For You
May 24, 2019

When we say software demo, what comes to mind? Do you think of boring screen-shares? Salespeople trying to push you ever closer to purchasing? Perhaps even thinking about it is enough to make you mildly panic. The truth is, until recently, software demos were simply a way to show off your product to interested prospects. They took the form of glorified presentations. They weren’t engaging, they didn’t scale well, and they weren’t even that...

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