Top 12 Product Adoption Software in 2024

Top 12 Product Adoption Software in 2024 cover

Product adoption software is the lifeblood of the modern product management process. It is the key to making your product unforgettable and ensuring it gains traction in a difficult market.

In this article, we explore what product adoption software does and identify 12 of the best product adoption tools on the market.


  • Product adoption software drives users to adopt a product through carefully curated product experiences.
  • The 12 best software adoption tools for driving customer success include:
  1. Userpilot – best all-in-one product adoption software for web apps.
  2. Pendo – best digital adoption platform for mobile apps.
  3. Userguiding – best product adoption tool for small companies.
  4. Appcues – best product adoption software for user onboarding.
  5. Whatfix – best product adoption platform for employee onboarding.
  6. Chameleon – best product adoption software with user feedback capabilities.
  7. Mixpanel – best product adoption software for in-depth user behavior analytics.
  8. Hotjar – best product adoption software for qualitative analytics.
  9. Walnut – best interactive demo software for driving product adoption.
  10. Zendesk – best help desk software for driving product adoption.
  11. Intercom – best chat tool for driving software adoption.
  12. UXtweak – best product adoption software for usability testing.
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What is product adoption software?

A product adoption software or digital adoption platform is a type of software that enhances the user experience and aids user adoption through helpful flows, in-app guidance, tooltips, etc. It guides users through a product’s features and functionalities to drive engagement and boost long-term adoption.

Best 12 product adoption software for driving customer success

There are lots of product adoption tools out there and we simply can’t go through all of them. Here, we’ll highlight 12 of them, their best use cases, and their most noteworthy features.

1. Userpilot – Best all-in-one product adoption software for web apps

Userpilot is an all-in-one product adoption platform that drives user engagement, activation, and feature adoption.

It helps you track user behavior and monitor product usage to understand how users engage with your product.

Key features

Userpilot boasts various features that help product teams collect customer feedback, streamline onboarding, and collate actionable insights. Some of these include:

  • UI patterns: Choose between tooltips, modals, banners, slideouts, hotspots, and other UI patterns to create tailored user flows, product tours, and walkthroughs. You can use these to either create in-app experiences for existing users or onboard new users.
Userpilot UI patterns.
Userpilot UI patterns.
  • A/B testing: Userpilot’s A/B testing feature lets you run experiments to improve adoption rates. You can split-test flows, surveys, or experiences, iterate on the best-performing variants, and optimize based on user behavior analytics.
multivariate testing in userpilot
Conduct A/B tests with Userpilot.
  • Feature tagging and heatmaps: Track feature engagement and other event data by tagging individual features or a combination of features. You can track different interaction types and display the engagement data using heatmaps.
userpilot feature heatmap
Use heatmaps to track feature engagement data.
  • Analytics dashboard: Track all your adoption-related metrics in one simple dashboard. Identify your active users, see which features they engage with the most, and more. You can also sort through the data by period if needed.
Userpilot analytics dashboard
Userpilot analytics dashboard.
  • Adoption funnel analysis: See how users progress through each step of the adoption funnel. Funnel analysis also helps you discover drop-off points and optimize stages that hamper conversions.
userpilot funnel analysis
Track funnel engagement with Userpilot.
  • Path analysis. Choose a starting point in your product and see where users proceed next. Userpilot’s path analysis feature helps you analyze the efficiency of different user paths and discover the best path for users.
userpilot path analysis
Analyze user paths in Userpilot.
  • Feedback surveys: Choose from different survey templates (including NPS, CSAT, and CES surveys) and customize them to match your brand image. You can also trigger these surveys contextually or create different surveys for different user segments.
Userpilot survey template library.
Userpilot survey template library.


Userpilot has a transparent pricing plan starting at $249/month. The entry-level plan contains enough features for most mid-market SaaS companies, while the Enterprise plan is designed for larger companies.

There are three pricing tiers to choose from:

  • Starter: This entry-level plan begins at $249/month and includes product analytics, user engagement, NPS collection and analysis, survey customization, and reporting.
  • Growth: Starting at $749/month, the Growth plan includes features like advanced event-based triggers, resource centers, AI-powered content localization, domain hosting, and a dedicated customer success manager.
  • Enterprise: The Enterprise plan can be custom-made to your demands and will be priced accordingly. It includes all the features from the Starter and Growth plans plus access to premium integrations, priority support, custom roles/permissions, etc.

2. Pendo – Best digital adoption platform for mobile apps

Pendo is one of the most popular digital adoption platforms out there. It lets product teams create in-app guides, monitor product usage, and analyze user behavior.

Pendo integrates with many of your daily-use tools, like Jira, and allows you to create onboarding flows for mobile apps.

Pendo Analytics.
Pendo Analytics.

Key features

Pendo contains features for collecting customer feedback, tracking product usage data, and more. Some of its key features include:

  • In-app guides: Create in-app experiences and onboarding flows for old and new users alike using lightboxes, banners, and tooltips. You can also set triggers for the flows to determine when they launch.
  • User segmentation: Create user segments based on a user’s device type, survey responses, language, etc.
  • Customizable dashboard: Add your preferred analytic widgets to your dashboard so you always have your most important metrics within reach. This may include widgets for feature adoption, NPS analytics, poll results, guide engagement, etc.
  • User feedback: Collect in-app feedback and filter the feedback based on a user’s segment, spending, and product usage patterns.


Pendo offers a free tier with limited analytics features and the ability to create in-app guides. However, this is only available for products with less than 500 monthly active users (MAUs).

For the other two pricing categories, you’ll have to contact Pendo for a custom quote.

3. UserGuiding – Best product adoption tool for small companies

UserGuiding is a low-cost product adoption tool primarily designed to aid user onboarding and engagement.

It’s an easy-to-use no-code tool that’s ideal for small teams looking to create simple onboarding flows.

userguiding product adoption software
Image from UserGuiding.

Key features

UserGuiding contains numerous features for creating onboarding flows for new customers to drive user adoption. They include:

  • Interactive walkthroughs: Create interactive walkthroughs using a combination of tooltips, modals, and hotspots. The onboarding flow builder is easy to use, despite its fairly limited customization options, providing users with a structured path to follow.
  • Onboarding checklists: Create onboarding checklists to drive new users toward the activation point. These checklists eliminate the guesswork of what steps to take (and in what order) for new users.
  • User segmentation: UserGuiding lets you segment users based on their shared browser attributes, such as their operating system. You can also create user segments based on the UserGuiding materials they’ve interacted with.
  • Resource Center: Create a resource center and add different educational resources to guide users to success with your product.


The UserGuiding pricing system is one of the simplest on this list. There is a 14-day free trial plan and three paid tiers, each allowing for more monthly active users and improving access to certain tools.

The Basic plan is billed at $89/month and supports up to 2,500 MAUs. The Professional plan, meanwhile, starts at $389/month, while the Corporate plan starts at $689/month.

4. Appcues – Best product adoption software for user onboarding

Appcues is one of the pioneers of the user onboarding industry.

This robust product adoption software for creating, implementing, and testing in-app user onboarding flows.

appcues product adoption software
Appcues UI patterns.

Key features

Appcues is a no-code tool designed to aid customer success and drive software adoption. Some of its key features include:

  • User onboarding: Appcues helps you streamline your onboarding process through customizable UI patterns like hotspots, slideouts, tooltips, and modals.
  • Flow optimization: Appcues lets you track the performance of in-app flows. You can also A/B test different onboarding flows and compare the performances of different in-app sequences.
  • NPS surveys: Appcues enable you to create integrated NPS surveys. You can customize a pre-built NPS template, launch your survey to specific audiences, analyze NPS results, and target users based on their responses.
  • Analytics: The platform instantly provides product teams with insights into customers’ usage patterns. You can see which features they use and how they use them, and then use this info to cross-sell and upsell your customers.


Appcues’ pricing begins at $249/month and increases based on the number of monthly active users your product has or the number of features you have access to.

There are three main pricing tiers: Essential (includes 3 user licenses), Growth (10 user licenses), and Enterprise (as many licenses as needed for a custom quote).

5. Whatfix – Best product adoption platform for employee onboarding

Whatfix is an adoption software that allows you to create user flows, task lists, and knowledge bases.

It also provides easy-to-use analytics features and is a popular choice for employee training.

Whatfix analytics dashboard.
Whatfix analytics dashboard.

Key features

Whatfix boasts a slew of impressive features that help organizations with customer/employee engagement, onboarding, and product adoption. Some of these include:

  • Flows and task lists: Create simple onboarding flows to guide users to success. Use task lists to map out effective user roadmaps and monitor their progress and efficiency in real time.
  • Personalized self-help: Whatfix enables you to offer personalized self-help using an in-app knowledge base. This ensures your users can receive help any time they need it without exiting the product.
  • Beacon: Announce process changes and feature updates to users with ease using beacons. This improves the ease of adoption and user productivity.


Whatfix offers three pricing tiers – Standard, Premium, and Enterprise, but prices for all three categories are only available on request.

6. Chameleon – Best product adoption software with user feedback capabilities

Chameleon is a low-code product adoption software that empowers teams to design dynamic in-app experiences and boost adoption.

Much like Whatfix, it is a powerful tool for customer and employee onboarding.

Chameleon microsurvey types
Chameleon microsurvey types.

Key features

From in-app messaging to feedback collection, Chameleon spots a number of features that aid adoption. Consider a few:

  • Segmentation: Determine who sees your product tours and flows through user segmentation. Chameleon’s powerful segmentation feature enables hyper-targeting of very specific user segments to meet their needs.
  • In-app messaging: Select from a wide range of UI patterns to send in-app messages and notifications. You can choose between modals, hotspots, checklists, slideouts, launchers, tooltips, etc.
  • User feedback: Create microsurveys (NPS, CSAT, CES, etc.) and customize them code-free. You can set the triggering conditions and access basic reports from your surveys. Note, though, that customizing the surveys may require a bit of developer knowledge.


Like some of the other product adoption software platforms on this list, Chameleon adopts a pricing model based on your product’s MAUs. There are three pricing categories – Startup, Growth, and Enterprise, with pricing beginning at $279/month for less than 2,000 MAUs.

7. Mixpanel – Best product adoption software for in-depth user behavior analytics

Unlike most tools on this list, Mixpanel is a digital adoption platform focused on product analytics.

It tracks user behavior and key performance indicators across web and mobile apps, providing product teams with insights into user engagement with their product.

Mixpanel analytics
Mixpanel analytics.

Key features

Given its focus on analytics, Mixpanel doesn’t support in-app messaging or the creation of user onboarding experiences. However, it does contain extensive analytics features, including:

  • Event tracking: Tag UI elements in your web app to track how users interact with them. Mixpanel enables you to capture both no-code and server-side events.
  • Interactive reporting: Track and analyze different types of user behavior data on different analytics dashboards. Monitor conversions, user flows, engagement, retention, and more.
  • Segmentation: Divide your user base into smaller groups based on their account attributes, in-app behaviors, and other properties. You can then engage these users separately using third-party user engagement tools or analyze each group to uncover trends and preferences.


Mixpanel has three pricing categories for intending users. At the lower end is the Starter plan – a free plan with essential analytics features.

Then, you have the Growth plan (starting at $28/month) and the Enterprise plan with more advanced functionalities.

8. Hotjar – Best product adoption software for qualitative analytics

Similar to Mixpanel, Hotjar is a product insight tool for collecting both quantitative insights.

In addition to tracking user interactions, though, Hotjar also enables you to collect qualitative feedback from users and analyze them for insights.

Hotjar Analytics
Hotjar analytics.

Key features

Hotjar helps you understand what users love about your product so you can optimize the user experience and drive adoption. It includes features like:

  • Heatmaps: Heatmaps show which parts of your web pages receive the most and least attention from users. This helps you identify friction areas and eliminate their sources.
  • Session recordings: Track individual user sessions to see how they scroll, move forward/backward, or rage-click through your site in order to identify barriers to adoption.
  • User feedback: Get direct customer insights by launching custom in-app surveys. Hotjar’s feedback widget enables you to collect both quantitative and qualitative feedback to provide context to the observed user experience.
  • User interviews: Conduct interviews and usability tests before and after product developments to determine what works or doesn’t work for your product.


Hotjar comes in three main packages: Observe (Heatmaps and Session Recordings), Ask (Surveys and Feedback), and Engage (Interviews). Each of these has a free basic plan and three paid tiers called Plus, Business, and Scale.

9. Walnut – Best interactive demo software for driving product adoption

Walnut is a product adoption software specializing in demo creation.

It helps sales and marketing teams create product demos that can be shared with potential customers to show how your product fits their needs.

Walnut demo analytics dashboard.
Walnut demo analytics dashboard.

Key features

Designed to help sales teams showcase the product and drive sales, Walnut contains the following features:

  • Interactive demos: Shine a spotlight on your product’s core features using interactive product demos. Customize demos to fit your prospects’ varied needs and show how your product fits into their workflow.
  • Demo analytics: Track how prospects interact with demos using Walnut’s demo analytics feature. See which users viewed the demo, viewer demographics, average time spent on it, and more.


Walnut doesn’t make its pricing details public, so you’ll have to contact the team for a quote. However, one report suggests that annual contracts cost between $15,100 and $30,000 for a team of around 200 employees.

10. Zendesk – Best help desk software for driving product adoption

Zendesk is a comprehensive and widely adopted customer service solution.

It offers multichannel communication, ticket management, live chat support, detailed reporting, and more.

Zendesk Customer Support Analytics.
Zendesk customer support analytics.

Key features

Zendesk comes fitted with various features that improve direct customer interaction, including:

  • Customer support: Provide real-time customer support through live chat or a knowledge base containing help articles, FAQs, and how-to guides.
  • Helpdesk solution: Track, review, and resolve customer inquiries, issues, and requests from a centralized hub. Receive real-time updates, collaborate with other agents, and automate tasks.
  • Zendesk Explore: Receive in-depth prebuilt reports about your customers and support agents. Track and analyze critical metrics, and make improvements to enhance the customer experience.


Zendesk has four pricing categories: Suite Team, Suite Growth, Suite Professional, and Suite Enterprise. The price of each tier depends on the number of agents per month, with the cheapest (Suite Team) starting at $55/agent/month.

11. Intercom – Best chat tool for driving software adoption

Like Zendesk, Intercom provides a customer service solution designed to boost customer success and product adoption.

It enables product owners to communicate directly with users and help them resolve their challenges.

Intercom Dashboard
Intercom Dashboard.

Key features

Intercom contains a wide range of customer support features, including some of the following:

  • Custom bot: Create a custom chatbot using your own content. You can also select where you want it to appear using specific rules.
  • Omnichannel support: Provide support on a variety of channels, including email, messenger, and phone, from one inbox. It also supports the creation of an in-app resource center to provide support on-demand.
  • Reporting: Monitor and analyze user interaction with your support agents. Get real-time data and actionable reports to aid your decision-making.


Intercom’s pricing begins at $39/seat/month for the Essential plan. Other pricing plans include the Advanced and Expert plans and the Proactive Support Plus Add-on.

12. UXtweak – Best product adoption software for usability testing

UXtweak is in a unique category on this list as it is designed to help with usability testing.

This powerful UX research platform provides product teams with insights into how customers interact with their websites.

UXtweak usability testing.
UXtweak usability testing.

Key features

UXtweak offers several tools for improving website and mobile app usability, from prototypes to productivity. These include:

  • User research: Conduct live freeform or study interviews with potential or current users to understand their needs and challenges. You can also conduct preference tests, five-second tests, and surveys to understand user needs and preferences.
  • UX research: Conduct various forms of usability tests, including mobile tests, first-click tests, prototype tests, and website tests, and observe user interaction with your user interface designs and prototypes.
  • Reporting: Get customized reports and visuals to help make sense of the data and make data-driven decisions.


UXtweak has a free Starter plan and three paid plans (Plus, Business, and Enterprise) starting at $49/month.


If you’ve come this far, you’ve surely realized that there are different kinds of product adoption software out there. The best product adoption tools, however, are easy to use and can serve a need or two expertly.

Want to get started with digital adoption? Book a Userpilot demo and see how it improves your onboarding process, boosts adoption, and aids customer success.

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