The “aha moment” it’s the moment when the value of your product becomes crystal clear to the user. They say, “Oh, okay, I get it now!” Unfortunately, this “aha moment” comes too late for many products as the users are required to fiddle around in the interface in order to understand the value of the product as a whole.

The purpose of your onboarding flow is to get them to experience the Aha moment as quickly and painlessly as possible. The onboarding flow is not a class, it is not a time for you to educate them on every single feature, it is a time for you to take their hand and lead them to that delightful moment that will keep them coming back.

Below image gives the examples of the definition (although not related to software).

aha moments

Example of the Aha moments in Software

When I started learning German on Duolingo. It’s a language learning app.

Duolingo Aha moment

What was your aha moment in software?

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